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Untitled Part 2

Ik heb echt 0 zin om de layout aan te passen aan het altijd irritante en slecht gecode, dus enjoy ur onopgemaakte text =p

It was only a few seconds before the screamsstarted. Hundreds of people running around franticly, with no idea where to go.In the back of the room, people were literally being eaten alive. Zombies cameflooding through the hole in the glass, stumbling over the bodies of studentsuntil their claws reached a live one. Blood was everywhere, and so were themoans. Those horid, empty moans.. One freshmen I recognized got caught by azombie pulling on his pants. Then another zombie grabbed his head.. I almostcouldn't watch..but I couldn't look away. The undead kept pulling on the boy,his face in agony. Then, his spinal cord snapped and his blood splattered allover the floor. The zombies began to tear both parts of his lifeless body topieces, the boy's meat hanging from their blood dripping mouths.

My first instinct was to find my friends, I hadto find my friends!
Using my arms to wade through the panickingstudents, I found Justine, Ghisele and Madaline after what had seemed aneternity.
"It's fucking zombies man.."
"I know, we've got to get out of here… Have youseen Tom, Alex and Olav?" (that is how we jokingly called Lars, because of hisaccent)
"I dunno, don't those guys usually skip thiskind of shit?"
"JesusFuck!" Ghisele yelled as blood splattered her face.
A dismembered arm flew across our littlegathering.
"Look, let's just hope they ditched," I said,"Let's get the fuck outta here!"
I used my extra height to plow through thepeople, trying hard to ignore the hideous sounds behind me. It wasn't easy.
Behind us, people that we had known, and hated,for years were being ripped apart by those…zombies.

When we were at the exit of the auditorium, Iturned, only to see it had almost completely been overrun by the undead. I'dseen enough movies to know what had to be done.
"Justine, help me! Ghis and M, get the coffeemachine on the other end and put it in front of the exit!"
The auditorium had two exits leading into themain building. If we were to survive, we had to close them off fast. Justine helped me move thesoup-machine, trying desperately to ignore the moans and skreeches behind us.
"Look, it's gonna be alright," I said, not onlytrying to convince her but also myself, "once we get this in front of the exitand reinforce it, they won't be able to get in!"
Justine was pretty tough, she'd been through alot of shit, but I could see she was frightened to death.
When we finally got the machine in place Iimmediately tried to think of stuff to reinforce it with.
"The lockers," I thought out loud, "The lockersweigh a fucking ton, they'd never be able to move them!"
"Then how the hell are we going to move them?"
"Well, they're bolted to the wall, but I canundo the bolts and we can drive another screw through them when they're in place!You go find some able people while I get my tools! Hurry!"
I ran over to the other exit to tell Ghiseleand Madaline to do the same.
As quick as I could, I got the tools and undidthe lockers.
"Okay, you guys, get those lockers in front ofthe opening!" I yelled, feeling like nothing could stop me.
The 20 or so people carefully pushed thelockers forward, as to not make them fall over. It was almost in position whenthe two people at the front side screamed.
"Get the fuck back here!" I yelled, but no responsefollowed, just more screaming.
"Okay, push it in position!" I commandedreluctantly.
The guys didn't move until they saw the angerin my eyes. They quickly pushed the lockers in place while I picked up the hugeconcrete-screw. I placed one in every of the four holes used to secure thelockers to the wall and let the jocks finish up. I had to check the other side.
Moans echoed through the hall and when I turnedthe corner I saw why.
Ghisele, Madaline and the rest had almostfinished placing the lockers, but a zombie had managed to get over thecoffee-machine and had stuck it's arm trough the gap. Everyone was feverishlytrying to get the lockers in place, while the rotting arm with peeling fleshclawed at them. They wanted to sever the zombie's arm by crushing it betweenthe wall and the lockers. The zombie had another idea. Two people got pushed tothe ground by the lockers' sudden movement as the zombie gave it a mighty push.Then, suddenly, blood covered the hall.
"What are you waiting for? Push that shit overthere!"
I recognized the voice, it was Tom.
"Can't leave you alone for two fucking seconds,can I?" He said.
"More like you don't want to, honey."
The zombie corpse fell to the ground with a compass launched deep within it's eye. We quickly fi the lockerto the wall.
We were safe, for now.

Chapter 2 — Theyaren't Real

I was exhausted, but I know I had to lock allfive doors that connected the school to the outer world. I gave Justine my keysand asked her to lock them for me. Surprisingly, she didn't argue.
When she came back, she told me there were nozombies at any of the doors.
"That's good," I thought, "Thank God."
Then, as if by lightening, the thought enteredmy mind: Solange.
"Round everyone up!" I barked to the 40 peoplejust staring at me. "We need to know everyone is alright!"

Rounding up the students was harder than Iimagined. Some had locked themselves in classrooms, refusing to come out.Others had…snapped…and tried to kill anyone coming close to them.
When we finally rounded all capable and stablepeople up, a voice rang out from the crowd.
"Howcould a fucking janitor get us out of this mess!?"
I was surprised, since it was one of the nerdswho called out. Great time to finally open your mouth, yerk.
"I'm not risking my life with this high-schooldropout! I'm getting out of here. There's no such thing as zombies! There's noone at the other exits! We can just walk out! Who's with me!?"
The entrance hall was eerily quiet, aside fromthe moans and banging coming from the auditorium ofcourse.
"Look," I said, calmly, "You can't go outthere. For all we know our entire country has been overrun by these things.This shit spreads like wildfire, you've seen the news. It'd just enteredBelgium and already they are in our school. Don't be foolish."
Again, the halls were quiet, as all headsturned to Arnold, the geek that used to hack school pc's for fun and kicks. Wecould use him..
"What the fuck do you know!? This isn't somestupid movie! This is real life! The government will get this under control! Ifwe can just get to the police station everything will be fine! I will notfucking wait here in this fucking tomb!"
The kid was sweating like crazy, obviously scaredof being the sudden center of attention, but seemed sure of himself.
"YEAH!" one of the jocks, Gideon, called out."Fuck this 20-something prick! He don't know shit! We're getting outta here!"
I didn't try to stop them. They meant nothingto me. Lars and Alex had joined me, To
m, Jusrine, Madaline and Ghisele would bethere to back me up. Fuck the rest. They all treated me like shit anyway. Fuckthem. Let them die.
"I'll unlock the side door then, it's furthestaway from the auditorium…good luck."
60 out of the 100 people still sane, alive, andnot locked up in classrooms, left with Arnold and Gideon. Good riddance. Ican't organize such a large group anyway. I guess that's why the protagonistusually only has around 10 people to take care of in horror flicks..
I was watching them move out of the building,without any weapons, all of their hope based on the fact this wasn't real. Theywouldn't need weapons. Zombies don't exist. It's not rational.. Heh..I guessthey hadn't been in the auditorium lately.
Suddenly, I saw her in the caravaan of people.Solange. She was going out there? To the slaughter?
"Solange!" I screamed, "Solange!"
She turned and stopped, but couldn't find me inthe crowd, or didn't know it was me who called out her voice.
I grabbed her arm and pulled her out of thestream of people.
"You can't go out there, please!"
"I don't want to die here," she said, pullingher arm away. "Arnold says it's okay. I th–"
"Arnold doesn't know shit!"
"Well, I'm sure he
knows more than you!" she snapped at me. So typical..
"I…I'm following him…there's a lot of us,I'm sure it'll be alright."
Her voice softened, like she was surprised ather little outbreak.
"You…you could go with us."
"It's not safe Solange. You'll never make it."
Meanwhile, the group had started running to the bicycle racks.
"I..I have to go."
She looked at me with those deep brown eyes,eyes filled with fear. Then she ran out onto the courtyard.
I didn't follow her. I didn't try to stop her.Why didn't I stop her?
A silent tear ran down my cheek as I saw thegroup disappearing into the woods behind the school.
I locked the door.


12 comments on “Untitled Part 2

  1. Zinzi
    3 March 2008

    HAHAHA! =D

  2. Harry d. Busdriver
    3 March 2008


  3. Zinzi
    6 March 2008

    Oh help, dat plaatje. :|

  4. Harry d. Busdriver
    7 March 2008

    It’s NEW!

  5. Zinzi
    7 March 2008

    It’s IEUW!

  6. Maca
    7 March 2008


    Je banner is:

    te groot
    te lelijk
    te niet bij de rest passend qua kleurschema
    te niet gecentreerd (het grijze menu valt half onder de banner)

  7. Macca
    7 March 2008

    oja, verder is ie wel ok

  8. Harry d. Busdriver
    7 March 2008

    Hier zietie er perfect uit (wel groter dan de vorige, maar die liet aan beide kanten ruimte over, en dat vond ik lelijk). Ik ga eens screenshots van andere mensen vragen en zien of ik ‘t kan improven.

  9. Maca
    8 March 2008

    With fear and agony.

  10. Harry d. Busdriver
    8 March 2008

    Ktanx. Maar, opzich niks mis mee toch. Alleen hij moet wat breder zijn…Ik gebruik zelf een resolutie van 1024×768, jij 1280×768 ofzo zeker? In dat geval moet er maar even getweakt worden dat t voor beide resoluties niet te afschuwelijk is…

  11. Ghislaine
    9 March 2008

    Hahaha, prachtverhaal!

    lets kill some zombies Rich. I’m in for a fight:P

  12. Harry d. Busdriver
    9 March 2008

    Ik had een versie gemaakt voor hogere resoluties.
    Maar shitsux.
    Dus pech =p


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Seoul, as well as other cities in Korea, has a lot of apartment complexes. This is something we're not really used to back in Europe, but such a large portion of Korean territory consists of mountainous areas that there's little choice but to build up towards the sky. Apartment complexes like this one in Goyang are generally kind of like a mini-village; housing their own supermarket, hairdresser, etc. and because a lot of families live there, restaurants and schools tend to pop up near them. I guess it's every poor student's dream to some day be able to afford to live in a place like this away from the busy city, but not so far away that you cut visit it whenever you feel like it. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ══════════════════════ #Korea #SouthKorea #Seoul #Goyang #Seoul_Korea #City #Spring #Apartmentbuilding #Apartments #Flat #Flats #Koreanliving #Citylife #고양시 #고양 #아파트 #봄
8 years since he debuted at only 13 years old, 조성주, or Maru, has finally managed to bag that prize he so thoroughly deserves. As a fan, I was pretty worried about his opponent being Stats, who is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to PvT, but thankfully Maru reminded me and everyone else who might have doubted him that his skill is second to no one. Incidentally, his father also made a big impression on the fans in the Afreeca studio, with his relentless and completely adorable show of support for his son. Congratulations, Maru, and see you again in Season 2! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ══════════════════════ #Korea #SouthKorea #Seoul #Starcraft #Starcraft2 #SC2 #GSL #GSLFinal #Maru #Stats #Terran #Protoss #JinAir #esports #esport #gaming #gamer #progamer #Afreecatv #스타크래프트 #스타크래프트2 #스타2 #조성주 #김대엽 #팬 #테란 #프로토스 #진에어 #진에어그린윙스 #아프리카tv
Jin Air Greenwings Maru finally overcame his GSL curse and advanced to the finals last Saturday! He played 6 nail-biting back and forth matches against Dark, one of the best Zerg players out there and my personal favorite Zerg, but as a huge Jin Air fan I'm really happy Maru managed to pull through. On to the finals this weekend! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ══════════════════════ #Korea #SouthKorea #Seoul #GSL #Starcraft #Starcraft2 #SC2 #Terran #Zerg #Maru #Dark #Progamer #Gamer #Gaming #JinAir #Blizzard #스타 #스타2 #스타크래프트 #스타크래프트2 #조성주 #박령우 #테란 #저그 #프로게이머 #게이밍 #블리자드 #아프리카 #아프리카tv #진에어
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