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Untitled Part 3

Dit stukje gaat misschien nog herschreven worden door DE ECHTE (OMG!) Tom (ook wel bekend als lwy) maar ’tis de vraag of dat het verhaal ten goede komt en of de andere mensen daar ook zin in gaan hebben.

Chapter 3 — Tom'sStory

"He's been in there for hours, what the hell ishe doing!?" I asked Justine.
"Yeah, I dunno, maybe I should check in?"
"Well, he wouldn't get mad at you, I'm sure."
She nodded and opened the door to the janitorsoffice. A few minutes later, she came back out.
"He says he's devising a plan."
Apperantly he was so obsessed with zombies hethinks there's a good chance to turn this place into a fortress..
"Jesus Christ," I said, "that's just like him,playing out his little fantasies."
"Do you have a better idea?"
I looked around. There were about 40 peoplehere.  Just waiting silently on the floor.
"… I'm gonna get a coke."
I stood up and walked through the entrance hallto the auditorium. There was a vending machine in the connecting hallway. Onthe way there I picked up a chair.
"Why pay during a zombie apocalypse, amirite?"I grinned.
I threw the chair at the machine, breaking thedoor open.
It made more noise than I had suspected..
"Tom!?" I heard Justine and Stan calling,running through the main hall.
"Hehe.." I grinned sheepishly,"I…uh..justwanted a coke."
"Goddamnit man!" Stan yelled while he hit themachine. "Don't scare us like that!"
We hadn't noticed, but the moaning and banginghad increased since I broke the vendingmachine.
"Uhh..guys? You think we should check on thebaricades?"
We checked out both sides: all was well. Iguess the bang just excited the zombies. Zombies…Jesus Christ…I wished Iwatched some more of those shitty horrorfilms with Stan. Maybe I could've savedthe school, or come up with some grand plan.
"I've finished the plan," Stan said, "Come tomy office."
I walked back to the machine, grabbed a coke,and followed Stan and Justine.

"Okay kids,settle down!" Stan said, impersonating principal…or should I say ex-principal..Blom.
"I've comeup with a plan…and I think it's pretty solid."
The crowdremained silent. Even the jocks, who usually lost interest after two words,were concentrating on Stan. I guess they really do only listen when their lives depend on it.
"First off,we need to find some weapons. We will split up in groups of five. Every groupwill get a flashlight from my closet, use them sparingly."
I'd neverseen him so serious. I wonder if he's not secretly enjoying this, after allthose years of watching zombie movies, he can finally put his…knowledge..towork. As long as 'work' includes saving my ass from zombification, it's allgood.
"Everygroup should find at least two weapons. We'll find more later, but for now weneed to hurry up closing off the building. Don't try to get into locked rooms,don't try to talk to any of those crazies in the hall. We'll take care of bothlater too. Form your groups, you have 20minutes to return here. We can't wastemore time."
I walkedover to Alex and Olav.
"Hey fags!"Stan called, "Get your asses over here!"
"Since Iseem to be the motherfucking Fist of the North Star, I think I can have a groupof seven people, so don't fight huh guys?"
We neverreally felt much for the goths. We didn't like them, and they didn't like us.But I guess they're alright…if it keeps me alive, I'd work with anyone.
"Yeah,sure." I muttered.
"I need youguys to help me unscrew the rest of the lockers and get some sheet-metal fromthe basement."
He waspointing at us.
Damn himfor making me carry that heavy shit.
"And Ghis?You guys get some weapons from the basement. I've got golf clubs, an axe, somecrowbars and some gym supplies there I think, so it should be pretty good."
The gothsnodded and headed off.
"Tom, youand Alex can take care of the lockers, right? Just take this and undo them. Meand Olav will go get the metal and drills and all that shit."
Great, I'dbe stuck undoing huge fucking bolts, with hundreds of zombies moaning ten metersaway, just because I know how.
"Yeah, Iguess."
"Cheer upemo kid, at least you won't get eaten, right?"
I nodded,took the huge tools, and went to the auditorium.
Then Alexreminded me that there were lockers in the entrance hall too, and Stan'd probablyneed them.

Afterloosening up all the bolts, we returned to the janitor's office.
"Heyfatass," Alex said, nice as ever, "You think he really knows what he's doing?"
"Idunno..But I know he's seen enough movies to know how it works."
"Yeah, maybe."
"What about Solange though? He just let her go…maybe it is safe to travel outside!"
"I guess hemight just be as much of a heartless prick as Olav is."
"Nah man,he's always drooling over her an–"
"Shhh, herethey come."
Two peoplewere stumbling through the hallway, their arms loaded with sheet metal.
"Fuckinghell this shit is heavy! We had to take five friggin' breaks to get here. Ishould've made you guys do this!"
"Oh pissoff, the constant moaning isn't very nice either."
"Well,there's always constant moaning whenI'm around," Stan smiled. "Did you unscrew all the lockers?"
"The onesnear the auditorium and the ones at the entrance."
"Good,good. We'll wait 'till everyone returns and they can help put them in place,we'll have more than enough. For now, Tom, Alex, can you go fix this sheetmetal over all windows on this floor please?"
JesusChrist he's making me do everything!Where the fuck are the goths, huh? Sacrificing hamsters in the basement nodoubt.
"Why thefuck do I have to do everything!? Just because you think the goths are betterthan us you don't have to let them sit on their asses all day!"
"Tom,relax. When they get back I'll explain them how to secure the metal and boardup doors, but you already know how to do those things, that's why I need youhere."
I sighed,he was right..I hate it when he's right.
Just as Iwas about to pick up some metal and start on the first classroom, the gothsarrived with a shitload of crap.
"We justthought we'd bring everything just in case." Ghisele said smiling.
She dumpedher load on the floor, and so did the others. An axe, crowbars, golfclubs,various tools, large metal poles, baseballbats, you name it.
I claimedthe axe and because Stan told me too, got a screwdriver. "For close combat." Hesaid. Close combat? Closer than an axe? I hope I'll never need it.
A momentlater one of the groups of students appeared, carrying a vertibrae from thebiology class's skeleton, steel poles and a sword from the history classroom.
"You'reright on time," Stan said, "Tom is going to show you how to use the sheet metalto close off the windows. It's better to have them outside then inside, so itis necessary. But we'll also lock the door of every classroom we've secured,after it's stripped."
I took asheet of meta
l and some bolts. The metal already had holes drilled into it, soit would be a piece of cake, even for these guys.
"Okay," Isaid loudly, so the kids would listen, "One of you just hold the metal over thewindow like this."
I held itup, in front of the top part of the large window. Alex took over as I picked upa bolt.
"Then youplace the bolt in the hole as so. And then you just fasten the bolt with thescrewdriver."
When I hadfastened the second bolt I said: "Okay, now yo–"
I was interruptedby a loud noise, making my ears ring. The students screamed, and only then Irealised the window had been broken.
A zombiehad banged his head through the glass and was now snapping at me with it'sfilthy, rotten teeth. It's lips were hanging loosely from his face and thestench of death protruded from it'smouth. I jumped back instinctively. Alex wasn't as lucky. He was too slow andthe zombie sunk it's teeth into his hip. Alex screamed in pain while he triedto get out of the zombies grasp. I took a hammer from the toolbox and hit thezombie on the head with it. I hit it so hard it's head yerked down, rippingAlex's hip to shreds. It's brains were all over my clothes.
Still inshock
about what I just did, I turned to Alex.
"Are youokay man? What the fuck!"
"Tom! Getaway from the window!" Stan yelled, running into the room with his crowbarabove his head.
He was toolate. Too fucking late.
A secondzombie had reached into the classroom with it's arm and pulled me to thewindow. I hit my head on the metal. I didn't even feel the pain. I was soterrified I couldn't even think straight. The zombie yerked me outside, ontothe courtyard and took a bite out of my hand as I was trying my best to hit himwith the hammer. I dropped it. I fucking dropped it.
I couldhear Ghisele yelling to Stan that he had to get the fuck out of there becausethe zombies would soon come in. I saw him say something to Alex and then hewalked out, leaving Alex there crying.
Anothershot of pain ran through my body as a second zombie bit my leg. I could feelit's sharp teeth piercing my skin as it seemed to grin at me. I was toast. Iwas going to fucking die.
In themovies, this is the part where your entire life flashes before your eyes. Withme, it didn't. Maybe it was because I hadn't done much with my life yet,because I hadn't accomplished shit…or maybe it was just because movies lie.Whatever the reason, the only thing I felt was regret. Regret, and pain. Then,everything became dark, the only sound I could hear was my flesh being rippedfrom my bones. Soon, I couldn't hear anything anymore…


3 comments on “Untitled Part 3

  1. Ghislaine
    9 March 2008


  2. Zinzi
    15 March 2008

    Hihihi. :) Het wordt steeds leuker.
    Waarom zou je het laten herschrijven?

    (Er is voor zover ik weet maar één dingetje dat niet klopt: “Another shot of pain”, terwijl je eerst vaststelt dat je geen pijn voelt…)

  3. Harry d. Busdriver
    15 March 2008

    Zodat ‘t beter klopt met de psyche van DE ECHTE LWY.
    (En de geen pijn was terwijl ie uit t raam gesleurd werd, het wel pijn was terwijl ie opgekaand werd en de initial shock voorbij was, ik vind dat dat wel kan =p)


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Finally, just for an instant, my life looked just like one of those Apple commercials. It's 시험기간 (test week) in Korea, so cafés are filled to the brim with students sighing profound sighs of despair as they stare blankly at a pile of books and printouts, hoping the knowledge contained within them will somehow seep into their brains if only they sigh loudly enough. It's extra fun to visit cafés around this time of the year, not just because it's infinitely fascinating to observe Korean study rituals, but also because you'll automatically feel great about the fact that you do NOT have any tests to study for and can instead sit back and go through the birthday cards your family sent you for a birthday you almost forgot is now dawning very, very near. Good luck, guys, good luck. 화이팅, 한국 학생들! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ══════════════════════ #Korea #SouthKorea #Seoul #Seoul_Korea #Cafe #Café #Seoulcafe #HUFS #Hankukuniversityofforeignstudies #Midterms #Testweek #Study #Studying #Studygram #Birthday #Birthdaycard #Sony #Tentamenweek #ZuidKorea #Verjaardag #시험기간 #공부 #공부스타그램 #카페 #외대 #외대앞 #외대카페 #생일 #생일카드 #화이팅
If you ever find yourself in Gangnam around dinner time, and, like me, worry about being too poor (or budget conscious!) to pay 'Gangnam prices' for dinner, give this little Japanese restaurant called 'MomoSara' a chance. They serve delicious handmade Japanese style 'Hambageu' for ₩9,500, which is about as cheap as you can hope for around Gangnam. They're located about a 5 minute walk from exit 2. Also, they (unfortunately) didn't pay me to write this ㅋㅋ But sometimes it's nice to write a more 'Korean Instagram'-style post. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ══════════════════════ #Korea #SouthKorea #Seoul #Seoul_Korea #Gangnam #Food #Foodstagram #Japanesefood #Hambagu #MomoSara #Gangnam #Gangnamfood #Japanese #서울 #강남 #강남맛집 #모모사라 #일본음식 #일본집 #맛집 #일본맛집 #함바그 #먹스타그램
In spring, locals and tourists alike can often be seen hunting for that perfect selca with a tree adorned with cherry blossoms in the background to let everyone on their instagram or facebook feed know that spring has started. Being from a country that I guess simply doesn't have any cherry trees, suddenly seeing the roads and campuses of Korea covered in a blanket of pink always brings a smile to my face. It's a shame there's only a limited time to enjoy them. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ══════════════════════ #Korea #SouthKorea #Seoul #Seoul_Korea #cherryblossom #sakura #blossom #spring #flowers #bloom #petals #lente #ZuidKorea #벗꽃 #봄 #서울 #피우다 #꽃 #사쿠라
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