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Untitled Part 4

Chapter 4 — Fortissimo

My God, Ithought, my God… I just KILLED one of my friends.
I had leftAlex there to die. I told him he'd come back. That we couldn't help him. Butwhat if we could? I fucking KILLED him!
I didn'tjust kill him, no, I left him there to die and closed up his fucking tomb. Evenif he didn't turn, he'd be trapped in a room full of zombies…oh God!
I wascrying my eyes out next to the door that we had blocked with some bookcases.
"Stan, comeon," Justine said in her always reassuring voice, "you did what you had to, youcouldn't have saved him."
"How thefuck do you know!?" I yelled at her. "What if there IS a cure? What if not everyone gets infected!? What if.." Ilowered my voice and my head dropped back into my hands. I started sobbingagain. "I…I'm sorry..just…leave me alone..please?"
Justinewalked over to the group of petrified people, all staring at me. I think sheshouted something and then they dispersed in groups of five. I couldn't reallythink straight then, but I guess she told them to continue closing up the doorsafter searching the classrooms. She then walked back to me, sat down on theground next to me and put her hand on my shoulder.
"It wasn'tyour fault."
I raised myhead, my teary eyes looking directly into her determined ones.
"We need you here Stan. Without you, there'sno one we can rely on. I told the rest to continue closing off classrooms. Ithink boarding up windows is going to be too dangerous, don't you agree?"
I nodded. "Very good, vice-president fruitley," I said, forcing a weak smile.

The hoursafter the incident were mostly a haze, but I know we got things done reallyfast. One or two classrooms had been breached by zombies, but with newfoundcourage the kids took care of them. And every classroom brought with it newweapons and other useful things. Before I knew it, all seven groups werestanding in front of me with their proud faces.
"We checkedand locked every classroom, sir."
"We alsoblocked off this part of the school from the entrance hall using the lockers,and we took everything useful from the classrooms."
"Well," Isaid, "I think it's time for a break."
Then Iremembered something.
"Oh, butguys…you did take the food and sodafrom the cafeteria right?"
Thecafeteria was in the same part of the building as the auditorium, and sincewe'd need the food, we should've gotten that before closing it off completely.
"SHIT!" Iheard one of the students curse.
"Don'tworry, it's okay, I'm sure the zombies haven't come out of the auditorium yet."I said, really hoping they hadn't.
"I'll takemy gr..oup.." a lump in my throat made it hard for me to speak. "and…we'll goget that food."
"You guysgo get all the food and bottled liquids from the teacher's lounge, and thenwait for us here." Justine stepped up to her role as vice-president very well.She smiled at me and threw me my crowbar.
"Okay guys,let's go!"

It took usa while to unbolt both lockers separating our part of the school from thezombie-infested area. I was very pleased at this though, since it ment that theothers had obviously done a great job. We walked down the stairs and got to thedoor of the cafeteria. I told Lars to get the cans from the vending machine andget them to the gathering point, while me, Ghisele, Justine and Madaline slowlyand carefully opened the door to the cafeteria.
The groansand moans from the zombies behind the thin separation of this room and theauditorium made it sound like they were in here with us and made us all veryuneasy to say the least. As quietly as we could we got as much as we can carryand walked back through the entrance hall. We dumped the bags of chips,snickers, cans of coke and bottles of 7up near my office and returned to thecafeteria for the next run.
Meanwhile,the others had already plundered the teacher's lounge, and made an interestingdiscovery.
When wecame back from our second run, the Dutch teacher, mister Schippers, and economyteacher Verberne, were standing there, looking at our loot.

"They werein the teachers lounge, listening to clasi–"
"What thehell do you think you're doing!?" Verberne interrupted Dennis, a student from4C. "You can't just ransack the entire school!"
"And whatis up with these lockers blocking everything off?" Schippers added.
"You guysgo finish up in the cafeteria," I told Justine, "and get the lockers back inplace when you're done." Then I turned to the teachers, standing there with alook of anger and disbelief.
"Haven'tyou heard the screaming?" I asked them.
"Whatscreaming? What the hell are you talking about?"
"As I triedto tell you, Stan, they were in the teacher's lounge listening to classicalmusic the whole time."
"You didn'thear Blom tell us to go to the auditorium? You didn't hear anything!?"
"Classicalmusic is best appreciated in complete silence," Schippers said. "We turned offthe speaker so nothing would bother us."
"You've gotto be kidding." I facepalmed. "Well, let's fill you in then."
I told themabout the zombies and that all of the teachers had died in the auditorium whenthe zombies first attacked. How we survived and how we secured the school.
Meanwhile,Ghisele, Madaline, Lars and Justine had completely emptied the cafeteria andhad put the lockers back in place.
"This isabsolutely crazy," Schippers said, "Why do you think I'd believe this?"
"Is thissome sort of make-the-teachers-take-the-piss thing? Because if it is you are inbig trouble Stan."
"It's not!It's the truth! I…Come with me."
The teachersfollowed me up to the second floor of the school, a couple of curious studentsfollowing us.
"Take alook."
They lookedout the window, unto the now ravaged auditorium. Their principal's preciousglass wall in shatters, blood covering the remainder.
"Do youbelieve me now?"
A look ofdisbelief came over both their faces, but I think they accepted the truth.
"But youknow there's no such thing as zombies," Verberne said with a casual smirk onhis face.
"What wouldyou call things that eat other people and don't die unlessyou destroy their brains?"
"I'd callthe people who think they saw them crazy and paranoid."
"I don'tknow.." Schippers had been silent until now. "I've read about this in my firstprint edition of Francis Drake's journal"
"Don't beso absurd!" Verberne laughed, "You can't be serious."
"Weshouldn't dismiss this so easily Willem"
"Oh comeon! I'll just call the police and get this over with."
Why thehell haven't I thought of that? All I was concerned with was fortifying theschool. Why didn't I try to call the cops?
The answerbecame clear to me when Verberne returned.
"No shit?"I said, "don't you think every single person in the country will be calling thepolice right about now?"
Verbernejust shrugged and said "Well, what do we do now?"
"If youboth don't mind, I've led this group for quite a while now, and I think itwould be best to just assign you to one of the student groups."
m,"Schippers started, "how about you go play boss over here and we'll make it onour own?"
"Whatever."I didn't really need them, since they were both out of shape. Neither of themhad any skills that would be useful in this situation. Calculating how zombieswould impact global economy or telling my to put my emphasis right sure as helldoesn't seem very useful. "Do whatyou want."
I returnedto my office and told the groups who had started to eat to get all the food anddrinks upstairs, so it would be safe evenif zombies somehow made it in here.
After that,we set out for the locked classrooms.
"Guys,guys, listen up. So far we've ignored the locked rooms and crazy people in thehalls. Well, it's time to start tackling that problem. I want us to be safebefore it really gets dark."

It wasalready growing dark outside and most of the freaked out people in the hall hadalready calmed down and approached us. I distributed them over all the groups,because no one wants a group that freaks out completely at the first signs oftrouble.
I took mygroup, which now consisted only of me, Lars, Ghisele, Justine, Madaline and thenew ex-crazy Harold, and checked out the first locked classroom.
I used mykeys to open it slowly, without making any sound. The room was lit in a deep,red light which gave me the creeps. The curtains were closed and there was noother light coming into the room but the red light and the sick, flurescentlight from the hall when I opened the door. The beam of light from the openingdoor hit something that could've been a foot, and it disappeared into thedarkness.
"We've gotto be careful."
I tried thelightswitch, but it was slippery and it really only got darker when I flippedit down, so I flipped it back up. The strange red light filled the room again.
I had anidea of how the normal flurescent lighting came to glow in this odd red colorofcourse, but my mind didn't want to comprehend it. Slowly, I stepped into theroom.
I heardsomething on my left, so I turned, but slipped and fell down with a muffledsmash.
Immediately,I saw two glinstering eyes coming at me from the darkness behind one of thedesks. I freaked and pushed myself towards the door. I managed to push it opencompletely and the light from the hall flowed into the room. Before I evenadjusted to the light, a hand gripped my ankle. Instinctively, the crowbar shotonto the rotting flesh of the zombie clutched to my foot. It barely seemed tonotice. It continued to pull itself towards me with it's filthy hands. Then,chunks of it's head flew all over the floor, just before it could reach me withit's mouth. Justine had killed it with her axe. I calmed down, which wasstrange, since I was almost killed not moments ago, and looked around the room.
Now I couldsee that the zombie that tried to eat me had no legs, it was just a torso,dragging itself over the floor, leaving a smear of blood behind it. The roomwas covered in blood, as I feared, covering the light in the room completely,giving the room it's ugly red hue. Bodyparts lay strewn across the room, andGhisele and Madaline had puked because of the smell.
While I waslooking around I suddenly heard Justine scream, and I stood up, crowbar at theready. I saw what she saw, two more zombies at the back of the class, attracted by our noise. One ofthem still had an arm in it's hands. It was eating, we later found out, our Geographyteacher van Drunen. It flung the arm across the room and it's bloody mouth letout a roar, spitting blood across the desk.
"Take theright," I told Lars, who was already standing ready with his baseball bat.
We quicklygot close to the stumbling zombies and Lars had already hit it's head in whenthe other zombie stuck me with the back of it's hand.
I lost my grip and fell down, the crowbar fallingto the ground with me with a cloud CLANG. I was scuffling to get up but thebloody floor made me slip every time while the zombie opened it's jaws.Luckely, Lars had seen me and had already distracted the zombie by beating iton the kneecap. The thing made a loud crushing sound and collapsed to thefloor. I quickly scooted back and picked up the crowbar, which I then broughtdown hard on it's head. Blood and bits of brain splattered on my face. And Iwas happy to be alive.


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    20 March 2008


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    20 March 2008


  3. Zinzi
    21 March 2008

    Doe ik dat? Sorry, niet de bedoeling.

    Ik kan ook “hihi” typen, of “hier moest ik van lachen”. Meer weet ik er niet van te maken. Ben blij dat ik het lees en dat ik een reactie achterlaat zodat je weet dat ik het lees. PUH.

  4. Harry d. Busdriver
    21 March 2008

    Nou vooruit dan maar.
    Hihi en LOLZ zijn geen goede reacties voor ‘n zombieverhaal -.-‘

  5. Sjon
    21 March 2008

    Ik ben bouwvakker sjon en ik ben niet zo goed in duits. nederlands aub.

  6. Harry d. Busdriver
    22 March 2008


  7. Maca
    22 March 2008

    Je vergat er 2


    Van voor, naar achter van lin… *steft*

  8. Harry d. Busdriver
    22 March 2008


  9. Harry d. Busdriver
    22 March 2008

    (p.s. dat is een 4chan joke)

  10. Maca
    22 March 2008

    Ik ken ‘m, met die d(-.-)b smiley.


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It had been so long since I'd seen a genuinely good film that I almost forgot what kind of impact that can have on a person.
Stunning visuals, with every other frame worthy of being a wallpaper, a slow and emotional story that left most of the theater in awe on their way out and another amazing role for the #Goose.

This film singlehandedly saved my opinion on #Sony Pictures, showed that #retro #Scifi can still work in this day and age and clearly established that it is in fact #Villeneuve and not #Jones or #Blomkamp that will save the genre.

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#Korea #SouthKorea #Seoul #Palace #Deoksugung #traditional #전통 #서울 #덕수궁 #궁전 I fell in love with the beautiful #colors of #Korean temples.

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When I first got here, I thought of it as mostly noise, but I found I'm starting to enjoy it more and more.

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#Seoul #Korea #SouthKorea #Namsangol #Holiday #performance #percussion The last #Starcraft of the year has become kind of an emotional moment for me since we found out last year that you can't just expect it to be there in the next.
Hopefully, 2018 will also bless us with an amazing #GSL, exciting #SSL and some smaller tournaments full of the best #competitive #game and #esport ever made: #스타크래프트.

Congratulations to #JinAir #Greenwings #Rogue #이병렬 on his #SuperTournament win, and thanks to #이신형 #INnoVation for looking right at my camera while making that face.
See you all next year!

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