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Untitled Part 4

Chapter 4 — Fortissimo (Vervolg)


I quicklyscooted back and picked up the crowbar, which I then brought down hard on it'shead. Blood and bits of brain splattered on my face. And I was happy to bealive.

The nextclassroom was nothing spectacular, scared 1st graders had lockedthemselves in, and as soon as we made clear to them that we were not going toharm them, they unlocked the door and came out. I told them to wait at thejanitor's office, since that was the place we were going to meet up after 30minutes.

When it wastime for the next room, I didn't want to repeat the mistake we made the firsttime. I beat on the class and yelled,
"Yo!Anybody in here!?"
If therewere any zombies in there, they would be drawn to the sound of my voice, but Ididn't hear them scuffling about or moaning. But if there were still studentsin there…wouldn't they have responded?
I openedthe door slowly, afraid of what there might've been behind it. We discovered amassacre. Every single one of the bodies on the floor had a hole in it's head,blood still oozing from the wounds.
"Stan?"Justine said, with a sound of fear in her voice.
I looked upand saw the body of Steve, a friend of Ghisele's, hanging from the ceiling. Hehad killed everyone hiding with him in this room out of his paranoia…and thentook his own life.
"We…wedon't need to go in here..It's clear." I stuttered when Ghisele walked up to meand Justine.
"I'll justlock it and we'll continue on."
I couldn'tlet her see her friend like this. It wouldn't be right. She doesn't need to seehis body, she doesn't need to know he killed himself..The fact that she thinkshe died in the auditorium is bad enough, she doesn't need this.

Again, atear ran down my face.
How couldour lives get so fucked up in such a short time?
And now?Now we're going through the school like some SWAT team?
They usedto be students here, not hours ago.
All thisdeath…and already I'm getting used to it..
How couldour lives get so fucked up in such a short time?

The grouphad moved on, I guess, leaving me standing there, staring at the wall. I didn'tnotice until I heard the screams.
Lars hadopened the next door, but the room was filled with zombies. One of the studentsmust've got bitten in the auditorium and made it back into this classroom. By thetime I realised what was going on, three zombies had already poured out intothe hall.
"We've gotto take them down!" Lars shouted.
Lars tookone of them out with a blow to the temple.
"Help me!Fuck! Help!"
I ran over andsaw Ghisele trying desperately to keep a half-eaten corpse away from her face.
"Stan! Getthe fuck over here! I can't hold him back, he's just too strong!"
Almostinstinctively I rammed my crowbar into the thing's eye. It made a gross, wet,sound and it's lifeless body lumped over on top of Ghisele.
"Oh my godget it off me!" she yelled, kicking her feet into the air.
I rolledthe corpse off her and helped her get up, just in time to see the head of azombie exploding right next to my face.
"You've GOTto be more careful, fucker!" Lars yelled at me, "Don't let your guard down,there's more of these things!"
Two morezombies were left. Madaline was trying desperately to stay as far back aspossible, afraid to use her weapon.
Too bad youdon't get to choose in situations like this.
A zombiefell over one of it's comrade's dead bodies and snapped at Madaline. In a splitsecond she swung her club, and the thing's head made a soft crackling sound.
Harold wasfreaking out with his face turned to one of the walls,
"Oh god, ohdear god, why is this happening to me? Why is th–"
His throatwas ripped clean off, resulting in a fountain of blood spraying the wall.
Justine rantowards him but I stopped her while Ghisele took care of the zombie.
Five dead bodieslittered the hallway. The stench was almost unbearable.

"Guys…Ithink…I think we should drag them back inside that classroom," I suggested. "Noone needs to see this."
None ofthem said a word, but they silently dragged the bodies into the room. We lockedthe door and returned to the janitor's office.

Chapter 5 — Calando

We had lostabout 6 students, but we found 13 more. I guess you could say that that meansthe operation was a success…I don't know. I just didn't want to think about it.
All I wantedto think about is keeping the people that werehere safe.

I madepreparations to fortify the upper floor, in case they broke through thebarricades that were already up. We hadn't heard much of anything in a while,and people were much as the situation allowed us that sort ofthing. People were talking to each other, laughing, writing stuff in theirdiaries..I was pleased. Pleased to see we got this far.
We hadeverything important stashed upstairs: food, water, make-shift weapons, flashlights,batteries, some first-aid kits, I thought I had thought of everything.
Even I was starting to relax.
"Vice-presidentfruitley!" I shouted to Justine, who immediately came running,
"It'sokay..I just want to ask you something."
"Sure, whatis it?"
"You'll behonest, right?"
"Of course,you know better than that."
"Do you…" Ipaused, throwing the question around in my head, "Do you think..we'll be okay?"
Her face,that always seemed to glow with warmth, became darker, more serious. She didn'ttake her eyes off of mine and I could almost hear her thinking.
After agood minute, she answered: "I don't know."
"I knowit's not what you wanted to hear, but I honestly don't know. How the hell isthe government going to stop this? It spreads so fast, it turns it's victimsinto…them. They make more victims, more seems like an endlesscircle. I just don't know what will happen."
"Do youthink we're safe here?" I asked on.
"I'm onlyasking you this because your opinion matters to me," I told her, "I need us tobe on the same page. For them," I pointed at the groups of students, friendlychatting with each other, "and for myself.."
"I don'tknow if I can handle this much responsibility.."
"Ifsomething happens to me, or when I'm somewhere else, or when I make a poorfucking decision, I need you to be there, I need you to take over or tell meI'm full of shit. I can't do this alone."
"What makesyou think I can do this? I'm not like you, I know nothing about this.."
"I'vealways looked up to you, even though you're younger than seem to knoweverything about everything, you know how to survive better than me, I know youcan do this if you put your mind to it. Hell, I know you could do anything."
She startedcrying.
"You're sofull of shit," she laughed, underneath her tears, "You're just saying that."
"You know I mea
n it, Justine."
"How thehell am I supposed to do this? Why do you have to put me in this position?"
Ghisele andMadaline had noticed Justine was crying, and Madaline came up to us.
"Hey..what'sgoing on?"
"It's..complicated"I said.
Madalinehugged Justine and told her everything was going to be okay. I wish I could dothat. I wish someone would tell meeverything would be okay. I understand Justine feels like I just dumped all responsibilityon her shoulders…but I know she is the most capable out of all these people. I need her to understand that.
I got up togive the girls some privacy, when Justine stood up and pulled my shirt.
"I'll be upfor it when you need me," she said, her eyes red from crying, "and I'll do mydamned best."
She smiled.The glow in her face was back. Even under all her run-out make-up and tearyeyes, I could see she was doing okay.

I sat downnext to Lars and asked him the same question: "Do you think we'll be okay?"
"Yeah..Iguess," he answered straight away, "We're held up pretty good in here, Ihaven't heard one of them for days..they might even be gone altogether. Gottired of waiting."
"Now thatyou mention it..where the hell are Schippers and Verberne?"
"Haven'tseen them around."
I sighed.
"You thinkwe should look for them?"
"Well..youknow what happens in horror movies, whenever someone's missing, it's never agood thing."
"I guessyou're right..but everything has been going so well these past few days, Idon't want to alert the rest."
"Then comeon, you lazy bum." Lars said as he stood up.
We wentupstairs to take our weapons and decided to check out the school again, insearch for Schippers and Verberne. We didn't find anything. All doors werelocked and all that was inside those locked rooms was what we left in there.When we returned upstairs we suddenly heard a manical laughter coming fromabove us.
We'dforgotten the attic.
Who couldblame us though, no one ever went there but the people in acting class.
I fastenedmy grip on my crowbar and slowly ascended the stairs to the attic, Larsfollowing closely.
When wearrived at the door to the costume room, there was a loud bang that made mejump. Lars kicked open the door, baseball bat at the ready.

Four eyeswere staring at us.
Verbernewas still lying on the floor, on top of his collapsed seat.
"Uhhh..wudyamean?" Schippers sputtered, trying very hard not to fall off of his seat aswell.
"You'redrinking!? Now!? Here!? FOR THREE FUCKING DAYS STRAIGHT!?"
"Yeah, we could've used the booze!" Lars added.
"Well phuckyoo, thersh nofing for us thjeer, weev cum to turms wif that." He couldn't keephis balance and joined Verberne on the floor.
"So..whatdo we do with them?"
"Pff..wetake the booze and leave them here. How's that sound?"
"Fine byme."
Seriously,could these guys be any more useless?I know I didn't really want them interfering with what I had going on here, butjust drinking themselves into a coma doesn't sound like a good ideaeither….actually…it sounds like a pretty awesome idea. I hadn't had a drop ofalcohol since all this shit started.
They'dstolen two crates of beer from the teacher's lounge and had somehow got theirhands on three bottles of vodka..probably from Verberne's private stash.
They hadn'ttouched the beer yet, so I decided to hand it out to everyone downstairs. Wehad 48 beers for 47 people, not all of whom drank alcohol. In the end we had 6bottles of beer left for myself, Justine, Lars, Ghisele and Madaline. I gavethe spare one to Olav, for saving my life twice already. What better rewardthan a bottle of beer, right?

Apparentlythe beer awoke people's memories of what life used to be like, as it turned outthey had raided the condom machine in the boy's toilets downstairs. There wereactually loud moans coming from one of the booths..for a split second thethought crossed my mind, but I waved it away, our situation wasn't that much like a horror movie, right?
We weredoing great, everyone was happy and feeling secure. No one had tried to doanything stupid, it was awesome.
Some peoplewere painting the walls with stuff they found in the art room, others weremaking weapons in the arts class using the wood-working machines, some werewatching tv, there wasn't much on except for the attacks, but we found somedvd's and had watched Bio Dome like 20 times already.

But Icouldn't sleep well. I doubt anyone could. I was afraid. Not for us, but forwhat was happening to Solange. She'd been gone for 5 days already..she must bedead.. Arnold has fucking killed all of them by taking them out there, rightinto the arms of an entire country filled with the undead.
But Ishouldn't think that way..we survived this long..maybe Arnold and Gideon cameto their senses, maybe they found some other place to hide…maybe..maybe..
"FUCK MAYBE" My voice echoed through thehalls. I guess I did fall asleep there for a minute. A couple of people woke upbut turned around after mumbling something I couldn't quite hear. I was wideawake now, so I went down the stairs to check up on Dennis, who was on guardduty this night.
Suddenly, abright light shone into my eyes.
I flinchedand almost fell down the stairs.
"Fuckinghell can you be more careful with that?"
"SorryStan, I wasn't expecting anyone to come down here."
"I..uh…promiseyou won't get mad?"
"What isit?"
"I thinkI've heard them. When I was being very quiet, I think I heard them banging onthe windows."
"You don'tthink you're just hearing things? The wind, maybe?"
"I knowwhat wind sounds like, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't pound glass."
"Well,you've got me there.. Maybe we could..take a look?"
"What, now?"
"Yeah..yeah..Ithink we'll do that. We need to know if there's a problem with the barricadesor something. You said glass right,not the lockers?"
I walkedaway, but turned around.
"Actually,could you start undoing the bolts for those lockers right away please?"
I wentupstairs to wake Lars and Mark, one of the jocks who actually had half a brain,and asked them to come with me downstairs, just in case there really was a problem.

We helpedDennis finish up with the bolts, and carefully slid one side of the lockerstowards us so I could just peek out from behind it. I took Dennis' flashlightand turned it on. The entrance hall was fine, no signs of zombies breaking in,no broken glass. That's good. I shone the beam of light all around the halluntil I was sure there was nothing there and then stepped out into it. I rosethe flashlight up at the glass encasing the hall…nothing. Then I heard a loudbang behind me and as I turned around, the light immediately hit the faceshundreds of zombies. They were slumping against the glass, sometimes hittingit, but mostly just hanging against it. The glass would ultimately break of course, but it could be days, maybe, if we'relucky, even weeks. I don't know how thick this stuff is..
I returnedand asked the guys to slide the lockers back. When they asked if there wasanything going on I hesitated..
"What'sthat supposed to mean?" Lars said, clearly agitated.
"It meansthere's not a problem now, but therecould be pretty soon."
"There's alot of zombies just hanging against the glass in the entrance hall. I don'tknow how long it's going to hold."
"Fuck,"Mark sighed.
"We'll befine though, we have these barricades, and we can move up whenever they breakthrough them, it's really no problem. We just shouldn't let the others know,okay? I like what we have here, and I want them to enjoy it for as long asthey're able, okay?"
"Hmhm" saidLars.
Mark justnodded.
"No problemboss," Dennis said cheerfully. What the fuck is wrong with that guy?

I went backto bed..well, not actually a bed, wewere all sleeping in the halls of the top floor, on rags or cushions we foundlying around the school..but it was alright.
I had thatdream again. A dream that keeps haunting me in my sleep.
I'm walkingdown an empty, endless road, deserted buildings on both sides and the roaditself is littered with trash. The sky is bla
ck, which casts huge shadows allover the street. In the shadows, I see yellow eyes, staring at me, walking withme, next to me, never blinking, never looking away. I keep walking, untilsuddenly, I hear a voice.
"Stan, saveme! Help me!"
It'sSolange's voice. She's calling from the shadows. When I try to find her, I'mstaring straight into those yellow eyes. The eyes that never blink. I can'tlook at them. I just can't. So I keep walking. Then I hear the voice of mymother.
"Stan,they've got me, they want to make me one of them. Help me Stan!"
I haven'tseen her in years. I miss her so much..but after what Dad said I can't go backto her. In my dream, I don't even try to find her, I just keep walking.
Then theroad ends abruptly, I walk straight off it into the clouds. But the clouds aremade of hands clawing at me. Then, I'm standing in front of an open grave, justlooking into it.
Someonecasually walks by and pushes me in. I say thank you before I close my eyes andwake up.
I don'teven sleep that much, and yet I've had this dream 3 times now. I'm not someonewho believes dreams are a reflection of the future, I think they're the mirrorto the soul. It must be my fears playing out..but why my mother? I haven't seenher
in such a long time, I don't think I care anymore..wha"?

My thoughtswere interrupted by Justine, who had obviously noticed I was uncomfortable.
"Yeah..sameshit as last night, and the night before that."
"We've allbeen through a lot in these past few should try to relax tomorrow,okay?"
"Yeah…aboutthat.. Can I talk to you away from the nosey ears?"
We got upand went into the principal's office.
"I've gotsome bad news."
She lookedat me as if I was going to tell her I was pregnant of her baby.
"There's alot of Zeds piling up against the glass in the entrance hall. I don't wannatell anyone about them yet until they become a problem, because I don't want toruin what we have right now, I don't want them to worry…do you agree or am Ibeing stupid?"
She thoughtfor a minute, and responded:
"No, weshould let these people have some rest. As long as they haven't broken throughthe glass, they aren't a danger. We'll tell them when the time comes. I guesswe won't even have to tell them then, they'll notice it themselves."
"Thank youJustine, it's good to know I'm doing the right thing. Now go to bed, they'llneed you in the morning."

I was neverone for waking up early. When I still worked at this place that is now myfortress, I usually came in late. The principle would yell at me because shehad to unlock the doors herself, and I'd always get away with nothing but awarning.
Anyway, I'mnot a morning person. I wake up around 12 'o clock here, if no one wakes me up.Before that, Justine makes sure no one does anything stupid and that everythingthat needs to be done gets done.
I asked herto see how fast we could block off all 4 stairs to the upper floor today and itturned out it would take about 20 minutes. But that's until everything istotally 100% locked up, so it was pretty good really. I was happy with it.

I wasstarting to think we could stay here forever, or at least until the food ranout. We rationed the food, so we'd probably have enough for about a month.
I roundedeveryone up and asked them to sit down.
"Helloeveryone. I just wanted to inform you that we probably have enough food forabout a month or so if we stick to the rations we use now. However, I thinkwe'd all like to eat more than one sandwich and a bag of chips a day, so I waswondering if I could maybe have three or four volunteers to make a run with mefor Oosterhout Zuid tomorrow."
Thestudents started talking amongst themselves, until Lars stood up in the crowd.
"Yeah…aboutthat.." he started, when he was interrupted by the sound of glass shattering.
The hugewindows of the entrance hall had come down, the zombies had broken through.
"Okay,don't panic!" I yelled. Surprisingly, everyone remained calm.
"They mightbe able to break glass, but they can't get through these lockers. We're stillsafe here."
Then, Iheard a moan. A moan that wasn't as muffled as it should have been, not as far as it should have been, not as random as it should have been. This wasthe moan of a zombie who had seenfresh meat.

Chapter 6 — Marcato

"Goddamnit!How could they have gotten through!?" I shouted, angry at myself, or at whoevermoved those lockers.
"We're allgoing to die!" someone in the crowd yelled.
"No! No!Calm down! Do it the way we practiced. We can still push them back, get yourweapons! We will push them back!" I was roaring with bloodlust. I wanted tosmash every single one of their head's in for defiling my sanctuary, they wouldpay with their undead…lives..for this.
Luckily, Ialready had my crowbar with me, and I immediately started swinging it at theclosest zombie.
"Remember!They're slow as fuck, we have the upper hand here!"
More andmore zombies came pouring into the halls, their moans echoed and fuelled myrage.
With everyword I spat out, I rammed the crowbar down on another head. I was blind withfury, beating and stabbing everything in my path.
"STAN! WHATTHE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?" I heard Olav yell from a distance.
I hadbeaten myself straight into the swarm of zombies, and was now surrounded on allsides.
"Just…don'tdie okay!?" Justine yelled at me as she hacked and slashed her way through theundead hoards.
I wasstarting to feel light-headed, afraid, I was going to die!
Until Ifelt her hand on my shoulder. Madaline jerked me out of the group of zombiesand back into reality.
"No timefor that now," she swung her golf club and hit a zombie straight in the eye,"we've god zombies to kill."
More andmore of them flocked into the hallways, students were being ripped to shredsleft and right, trying to defend their safe-haven. I felt like I was going topuke.
Lars cameup to me and told me "This is all my fault…I..I'm so sorry, I didn't want thisto happen! I just forgot to use the bolts..I didn't know! I didn't know theywould move it!"
I grabbedhim by the shirt, "WHAT THE FUCK DOYOU MEAN?"
"I..I justwanted a fucking beer. I went out this morning, just for a second. I went tothe cafeteria storage and straight back..I didn't know this would happen…FUCK."
My eyeswent white with rage. He put himself in danger by leaving, and put all of us in danger by forgetting tosecure the goddamn lockers.
He wascrying, his bat fell to the floor.
I hit himin the stomach with my crowbar and when he hunched over, blood seeping from inbetween his lips, I broke his kneecaps. He could die there. Feel the pain allthe students that died here felt. See how it feels to get eaten alive.
"Get out ofhere! We've got to leave this floor!" I hated to admit defeat..but it sure ashell was better than dying here.
"You knowwhat to do! Follow the routine! Barricade the top floor, but wait untileveryone is up there! Middle two stairs need two groups of ten, because theZeds will hit them sooner! I'll go to the right stairs, Justine will take theleft, if there are any questions, we'll be there, now GET GOING!"
Everyonefinished off the closest zombies before running upstairs. Me and Ghiselefollowed a group of 4 people towards the rightmost stairs. On my way there, Iheard something pounding on the windows of the door that led to the schoolyard.Something…it sounded more like someone. The beats were fast, irregular. Iyelled at the group to go upstairs and start blocking up the stairs, but towait 5 minutes for me to come up before closing it off completely. Ghiselerefused to go and wanted to stay with me.
Irecognized that voice…it was Solange.
AndArnold…they made it back!
"I'M HERE,I'M HERE!" I shouted while doing my best to try and pull the lockers that wereblocking the door over. Both me and Ghisele jumped unto the lockers and threwour entire weight back at them.
Theyapparently didn't bolt the lockers to the wall, thank God, and with a loud bangthey fell over.
The doorsmashed open and seconds after Arnold and Solange came in, dozens of zombiesswarmed in.
"Fuck!Hurry up, come on come on!"
Ghisele wastoo close to the door, I could see it.
"Ghisele!Hurry the fuck up!"
"I'mcoming, I–"
"Turnaround! Hit that fucker!"
I wassupporting Solange, do I couldn't do anything to help Ghisele, and Arnold justseemed to want to get the fuck upstairs.
Ghis rammedher pointy stick into the socket of the zombie closest to her, but it got stuckand she stumbled over the lockers that were on the floor as result.
"GHISELE!NO!!" I screamed, while I set Solange down behind the barricade.
I ran downwith my crowbar and smashed in the head of one of the zombies grasping atGhisele. It's brain splattered over her black dress as I hit the next one, andanother, and another.
My anger wasfuelled by what Lars did, the fact that he destroyed our peaceful grounds, thathe was my friend, he was dead now, that he sacrificed so much for so little,that I was going to lose anotherfriend to these things…I just kept hacking at them until Solange was yelling atme..
Comeback here! Please! There's nothing you can do! Look at her!"
I lookeddown…those fucking zombies had already started feasting off her. They hadripped the skin off her face, and one of them was chewing on her eyeball.
I beat downon them, pounded their rotting flesh, but kept missing the brain because of allthe emotions coursing through me. I needed to leave. I knew that..

And I did…Ileft.. I hated myself for it. I left yet another friend in the arms of thosethings. But I had to. I had to for the survival of myself, and perhaps even allof the other students. When I set foot behind the barricade, I immediatelydropped to my knees, then fell to the floor and fainted.

When I came too, it was two days later.


4 comments on “Untitled Part 4

  1. Maudy
    24 May 2008

    Tis boeiend om te lezen rich, k wil weten hoe t afloopt XD en overigens, de bierzuipende docenten was a nice touch XP

  2. Harry d. Busdriver
    24 May 2008

    Vodkazuipende =p
    En ja, ik moest voornamelijk gewoon ‘n reden om ze uit ‘t verhaal te houden 0=]
    Maar op een of andere manier BLIJVEN ZE MAAR LEVEN ><
    Also: 't einde is fucking awesome. Even dat je 't weet.

  3. Gem
    28 May 2008

    jeej, dat was lang geleden (toch)!
    hoeveel staat de deathcount nou?

  4. Ghislaine
    28 May 2008

    Meh! :|


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One of the many things I love about Korea is that it has way more 'themed stores' than my own country. For some reason, some companies or brands such as Ghibli, Gundam, Kakao or, as in these pictures, Line, decide to spend millions creating beautiful flagship locations that feel like a mix of an exhibition space and a regular store.

This was the first time I visited the Line store in Itaewon since I'm not very interested in either Line nor Itaewon, but it was definitely a really cute sight to behold.
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Now, ondol heating is a staple of any building, no matter how high or low the rent. As a Dutchman, floor heating has always been something associated with 'fancy people', so it's petty nice to be able to enjoy warm feet in cold winters like this one myself.
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#온돌 #대한민국 #남한산성 #요새 #전통 #역사 #한국 #눈 Buddhism has an ever increasing following in Korea, in spite of the extreme popularity of Christianity. As an outsider, it's strange to me how traditional Confucian values and Buddhist teachings can live hand in hand with a modernizing society and the vastly different beliefs of a Western religion, but somehow, people here make it work.

The atmosphere of a Korean temple couldn't be more different from that of a European church or cathedral. Whereas a church makes one feel close to God, a temple makes one feel close to nature.
Perhaps that's why I love them so much.
#Korea #SouthKorea #Namhansanseong #Temple #Koreantemple #religion #Buddhism #Buddha #Buddhist #Buddhisttemple #Traditional #snow #Buddhisme #ZuidKorea #Confucius #Confucian #Christian #Christianity #Church #Cathedral
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It was probably my imagination, but the air did smell cleaner over there on the snow covered mountain where we found this small temple.
#Korea #SouthKorea #Temple #Koreantemple #Namhansanseong #Traditional #architecture #Buddhism #Buddhist #Buddhisttemple #snow #ig_korea #ig_asia #mountain #tempel #Buddhisme #ZuidKorea
#대한민국 #절 #불교 #남한산성 #전통 #눈 #산 #외국인 #네덜란드 #사찰 It's a miracle that Dark made it through to the round of 16. Not because his play wasn't amazing (his hold against Trap's shield battery rush was simply phenomenal), but because it's like having me as a fan is like death's kiss; the players I love never seem to win anything when I'm there to cheer them on!

RIP Byun, please come back stronger and harder next season.
Congratulations Dark, for beating my curse! 계속계속 응원하겠습니다!
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