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Until the End of Death – Chapter 7

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Ik weet niet of iemand het zich nog kan herinneren dat ik vorig jaar bezig was met een zombieverhaal zonder titel (Untitled part 1-4 mocht iemand het terug willen zoeken in de archieven). Na ongeveer een jaar heb ik het dus weer opgepakt en zover heb ik er twee hoofdstukken bij geschreven én een titel verzonnen. Het is goed op weg om een van mijn enige écht afgemaakte projecten te worden, al ziet het er wel naar uit dat het op dit tempo nog elke jaren kan duren =p

In ieder geval, in het vorige hoofdstuk hebben wij onze held Rich..euh, Stan, zien flauwvallen nadat Ghislai..uh, Ghisele voor z’n ogen werd verscheurd door een horde bloeddorstige zombies die de school, waarin ze zichzelf gefortificeerd hadden, waren binnengedrongen. Net op dat moment komt de loveinterest, Sola..uh, ja, Solange, terug en brengt ‘m naar boven.

[Also, ik heb geen idee wat nu weer met de opmaak gedaan heeft, maar de tering want ik word hier echt link van.]
[Also2, ja, de dialogen zijn idd kut, ik kan er niks aan doen ;_;]

Chapter 7 — A Change of Pace


"He'smoving! He's moving!"

My headhurt like hell. They'd put a cold towel on it which felt like a hundred kilos.

"Canyou…get..that towel off of me…please?"

A vagueshape removed the towel from my head and immediately I felt better. A little,at least.

"Is…iseveryone alright? Solange…Justine..?"

"Solange isright here next to you, someone is already getting Justine. Just don't moveyet, okay?"



"You..stayedhere..with me..all this time?"

"Of coursenot," she responded snappishly, "I just happened to be around, that's all."

She stoodup and walked away.

"She was,though," a familiar voice told me, "she was right by your side every hour ofevery day you were out."

"Justine?Th…Ugh…" I started a violent coughing spell, but continued when it subsided,"Thank god you're okay…how is everyone?"

"There'sonly 12 of us now..more than half died..I'm sorry."

"Youshouldn't's Lars who should be sorry.. *cough*"

Solangereturned with a glass of water.

"I thoughtyou might want this.."

"Thank youso much." I gulped it all down at once. My vision had cleared up and I couldsee the happiness in the faces all around me.

"So..howlong was I out?"

"Two daysman.."

"TWOfucking days? That's a long time."

"Well, itseems you're alright now.. Whatever it was, let's just hope it doesn't happenagain."

"Yeah..yeah…so..whatdid I miss?"

"Nothingreally.. The zombies seem to be too stupid to even make it up the stairs, so wehaven't even heard them banging on the barricades yet. That's been pretty goodfor morale after that blow we took downstairs."

"And nowthat there's less people here, we upped the rations, made everyone very happy."

"Ugh…wecan't up the rations..cancel that," I said, "Now that we're here, there's noeasy way of getting new supplies, we'll need to use what we have sparingly."

"I'llinform Anne," one of the bystanders said.

"Wow…thisis really working out, isn't it?" I asked Justine with a smirk.

"Yeah..itis. Now let's get you up."

I sat upand looked directly into Solange's eyes. I felt my heart flutter and saw aspark in her eye that made me want to kiss her then and there…I didn't thoughof course.

"So,Solange..can you tell us what happened when you were out there with all theothers? Where is the rest of them?"


"Well,here's what happened:

When weleft the school, everything seemed fine, albeit a bit strange. The streets wereall but deserted, and I couldn't hear a thing besides ourselves; no animals, nobirds, no cars, nothing.

"You see,"


started, "I toldyou it would be safe out here."

"It appearsthat way.." I answered, hesitantly.

"Man, am Iglad I'm not stuck in there with that idiot and all those…things banging on the windows!"

He smiledat me, but I didn't smile back. I was wondering whether we were doing the rightthing, leaving our schoolmates behind like this, and still wasn't sure this waseven a good idea. Sure, Arnold and Gideon seemed sure enough that this was theonly logical way, but the silent and abandoned streets just sent chills down myspine. I'd be glad if we make it to the police station as soon as possible.

There werearound sixty of us, a huge group, walking around disorderly, talking to eachother,'s amazing we even got that far. Because for a while there,everything went okay, we walked and walked through the empty streets, theconstant smell of smoke harassing us at every step, yet we never
saw any. Wenever saw anything, even after half an hour we hadn't seen a single soul, crazyor otherwise.

"Arnold"" I asked, walkingup to him.


"Why doyou…why do you think this place is so deserted?"

"Don't beafraid Solange," he said, with a kind smile, "it's just because everyone hasbeen evacuated due to this strange illness. I told you the government would beright on top of this."

"I guessso.. We should ask for help when we get there, to get the rest of the schoolout of danger."

"Yes, yes,of course, all in due time."

Arnold looked at me and stopped walking. He took my hand. I pulled away.

"Solange..there's..somethingI want to ask you," he started.

Oh God,that's just great, we're in the middle of some kind of crazy apocalypse and mr.Bill Gates thinks he impressed me enough to get into my pants.

"What isit?"
I answered, only half serious.

"Iwas…wondering.." his head turned red.

"Arnold" I think I.."

"No," hequickly replied, "'s nothing. Let's just keep walking, okay?" He smiledan uncomfortable smile and blended straight back into the group. I soonfollowed.

A few hourslater, the sun was beginning to set and the city was bathed in a strange glow,caused by the setting sun.

"Hey, Arnold!" I heard Gideonshout over my head.

"Gideon!" Ireacted as I jumped up a little.

"Sorryprincess," he said, and blew me a kiss as he ran towards Arnold.

I grumbledat his behaviour.

I saw themtalking for a bit, and after a while Gideon yelled: "Okay guys, huddle up!"

I wonderedwhat this would be about, and if maybe it had something to do with the factthat we were still nowhere even near Breda, the nearest citywith a police station. It did.

"So we'reguessing it's gonna take at least a day of walking to get to Breda at thispace," Gideon said, "So it'd probably be a good idea to knock on some doors andsee if anyone's home and get some food 'n shit."

"What makesyou think there's anyone home?" some girl I didn't know asked.

"Well…Idunno. If there's no one there we can just bash in a window and take the food,duh."

Gideonalways had a way with words, but he did have a point. We were going to be leavingOosterhout in a bit, and there wouldn't be any homes between there and


, except for maybethe occasional farm.

"Look,we'll take this street and we'll just open up the first couple 'a houses,alright?"

The generalconsensus under the students seemed agreeing, and within minutes I found myselfon the doorstep of one of the musty looking houses on the Rozenlaan.

"Helloooooowwww?"Gideon called while bashing on the door with his fists, "Anybody in there!?"

He waited awhile and said: "Well, guess not."

In a secondhis knee went up and the door went down with a loud bang.

"Ain'tnothing stronger than me," he said with a smug grin on his face, "Huh, babe?"

"SureGideon..sure," I said, not to harm his ego.

I have toadmit though; it was pretty cool to see someone take down a door in only onekick.

We all wentinto the house very anxiously; me, Gideon, Gabrielle from my class and twounderclassmen I didn't know. I looked around nervously while my eyes adjustedto the darkness inside the house. It was twilight outside and all the lights inthe room were out.

"Gideon,could you get the lights?" I asked, but Gideon was already in the kitchen.

"Ahhh yeah,that's what I'm talking 'bout" he said, with his arms full of food he took fromthe opened refrigerator. He dumped all of it on the table, together with a fewbottles of coke.

My stomachwas growling, but I tried not to let him notice how hungry I really was, thatwould only get ideas into that cocky head of his.

Suddenly, Ifelt a hand on my shoulder and fell on the floor in surprise.

"Oh,Solange, are you alright?" It was


,his geeky glasses bent out of shape from the smack I accidentally gave himwhile falling down.

"I'm sorry


, I'm just alittle..tense" I said while getting up, ignoring the hand


had extended.

"Uhh..yes..that'squite alright," he answered, pretending he was planning to run that hand downhis hair anyway, "Gideon! I just came here to tell you we're all meeting atnumber 15a to eat."

Somecurious sounds followed: "Hmpf Grm Hurr Whu Durr Mmfff"

"Don't…talkwith your mouth full you friggin' buffoon"


said with a serious face.

Gideongulped the food down, "Lighten up, scrawny. We'll be right there"

I picked upas much foodstuffs as I could carry, and so did the other students. We broughtit all to 15a, which turned out to be a huge mansion.

The doorhad been left open by the previous occupants, so it had been easy for Arnold'sgroup to walk in. The hallway was magnificent, with exotic marble covering thefloors and bass-reliefs adorning the high ceiling. I could get used to a placelike this.

But fornow, all I could think of was food, and I didn't want to wait any longer.Luckily, I didn't have to, because pretty much everyone was already there,sitting at the huge table in the dining room, feasting on cup noodles, breadwith cheese, meat, and all sorts of other stuff. How anyone could eatpre-cooked meat was beyond me, so I settled for a couple of nice sandwicheswith cheese and lettuce. For a moment it all felt like a dream, so many peoplesitting around in this beautiful mansion, eating well, being happy. It was sucha huge contrast with what the school was like when we left, and my mindindistinctly wandered to Stan. I was wondering how he was doing there,protecting the school with his crazy friends. I wish I hadn't snapped at himthe way I did before I left. Stan was a good guy, just a little weird sometimesand"?

My trail ofthought was interrupted by Arnold, who had taken place next to me: "This is anice place, yeah? I'm sure you wouldn't mind living in a place like this whenyou finish school."

"Notreally," I said as indifferent as possible, so that maybe he would get the clueand not try to finish what he started earlier that afternoon.
Arnold put his arm around me.
"Excuseme," I said with my snobby-voice, "but I think I have to go to the toilet."

Why can'tthis guy get it through his thick skull that I don't like him? Sure,


is smart, andkinda okay, but he's such a stuck-up little brat these days. I went to thetoilet, and a few hours later we all decided we should go to bed. We would getup at first light in the morning for the trek to


, we'd get to the police station andthen we'd all be safe.
Arnold assigned a few people to guard the entrances into the large home and locked the doors.
I dreamt ofstrange lands and strange things, of a world in the shape of a star, inhabitedby little squid-like peopl
e. They were so tiny compared to me, that I had to becareful not to step on them. One of the little things looked up and made aweird sound, sorta like a piece of fresh meat being slapped onto concrete. Iaccidentally stepped on him, and at the squishy sound he made, I woke up..

Het volgende hoofdstuk heet:
Chapter 8 – City of the Dead

en is wat langer. Please look forward to it.


One comment on “Until the End of Death – Chapter 7

  1. Harry d. Busdriver
    9 June 2009

    Okay ik ZWEER dat ik net regel voor regel al die rariteiten eruit heb gehaald, maar HAHAHA WIJ ZIJN WEBLOG.NL EN ONS BOEIT HELEMAAL NIKS BEHALVE ALLERLEI NUTTELOZE FUNCTIES.
    En wáárom hij telkens neukt als het woord Arnold of Breda naar voren komt, ik heb geen idee.



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The atmosphere of a Korean temple couldn't be more different from that of a European church or cathedral. Whereas a church makes one feel close to God, a temple makes one feel close to nature.
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It was probably my imagination, but the air did smell cleaner over there on the snow covered mountain where we found this small temple.
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RIP Byun, please come back stronger and harder next season.
Congratulations Dark, for beating my curse! 계속계속 응원하겠습니다!
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