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A story by grandpa

Hello kids,
today, I’m going to tell you something about the greatest console in existance: the Sony Playstation 2.T22

While you are busy drooling over your graphical powerhouses like the Xbox360 or PS3, or playing your casual machines like the Wii or DS, some of us still remember the glory days of gaming.
And I mean the glory days of console gaming, of course, since the golden days of PC gaming had been over about 10 years ago. The glory days of console gaming, however, are only just behind us. The SEGA Dreamcast really started off the modern notion of a ‘game’, a full 3D world, no longer limited by two dimensions. Unfortunately, the Dreamcast died out long before it could reach it’s full potential, mainly due to the overwhelming success of Final Fantasy VII on the Playstation.

But in all honesty, I have to admit I can’t really enjoy the games of old as much anymore, spoiled as I gradually became by improving graphics, increasing freedom in gameplay and decreasing difficulty slowly introduced to us by the scene. Whereas I used to love playing Mario or Sonic on my SNES and Megadrive, these games can hardly interest me now for more than half an hour; not to mention any of the less profilic games of that generation and the one before that. The same goes for Playstation and Dreamcast games, not withstanding the obvious exceptions (most notably Blasto on PS and Jet Grind Radio and REZ on DC). Most of the games have kept their charm, but they just don’t captivate me like they used to.

This is where the PS2 is different. The PS2 still shines, almost 10 years after it’s release date. Huge amounts of people are still buying PS2’s, and they just won’t seem to stop. When God of War 2 was released, game critics pronounced it "a great swan song for a great console", when Persona 3 arrived, they said the same thing, when Rogue Galaxy hit stores, they said the same thing again, and very recently, with the release of Persona 4, they repeated themselves yet again. How many swan songs does a console get? Playstation 2 proved that a good library of games is all you need to keep a project going long after it’s projected due date.
Because if the PS2 has one greatest strength, it’s its enormous game library. From FPS to RTS, from Beat ’em Up to Roll ’em Up, the Playstation 2 has triple A titles in all of them. Not to mention the biggest and most awesome selection of JRPG’s, which used to be my favorite genre. No current-gen JRPG has yet to have even held a candle to PS2’s top games like Dark Cloud, Okage, Valkyria Profile or Suikoden.
The same goes for platforming games, which seem to be a dying breed on this generation of consoles. Klonoa, Ratchet and Clank and Sly Raccoon are all fine examples of how Sony continued the trend of good platforming that Nintendo seemed to have lost somewhere along the way.
And it doesn’t end there, Sony attracted many exclusive titles that were so much better than anything the opposition had (and still has) to offer. Games like God of War, Katamari and the Team Ico games are just a few examples of brilliant games you won’t find anywhere else (except maybe on your PC emulator).

And now, with the focus of Sony and most 3rd party developers shifting even more to the PS3, I’ll get to enjoy all those little gems I missed along the way; games like Rule of Rose, Odin Sphere, Onimusha Dawn of Dreams or Robot Alchemic Drive. And when I’m done playing them? I guess I could try out some of those Wii games that constantly get ported to PS2, like the new Indiana Jones game, or the (friggin’ hilarious, by the way) Harvey Birdman game.
Or, I guess I can always wait until the next ‘swan song’ presents itself..




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This entry was posted on 19 June 2009 by in Games.

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It feels like only yesterday when we all arrived in #Korea 3 years ago on the first day of our #KGSP #scholarship, but now it has already become time to say goodbye to many of you. Congratulations on your #graduation, and all the best in the rest of your lives ㅜ.ㅜ If I don't post anything for a long time...
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There were lots of great cosplayers, but these guys put so much thought and work in their #costume that they felt like the real deal. 
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The #SIF is still on until this sunday at Hall D of #COEX in #Gangnam, #Seoul, so don't hesitate to stop by and see the work of some of #Korea's most amazing artists. 
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