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And a Merghy Crabmas to you all!

Want het is ondertussen al enkele uren kerst!

En om maar even in de kerstsfeer (maar dan op z'n Richards) te blijven, is hier (voor de .doc download, je kan ook gewoon hier even op 'lees meer' drukken) mijn SNSD Kerst/Horror verhaal wat ik heb geschreven voor de Soshified writing contest!
[TL NOTE: This is Dutch for 'Please enjoy the SNSD Christmas Horror story I wrote for Soshified by either downloading this or pressing the 'Lees meer' link to the left here.']

The shadow over Christmas
By R. Luijten

*Warning: This story contains spoilers to the 30 Days of Night film and comics*
Als een hilarische bonus is HIER de babelfish vertaling van Engels naar Nederlands. Hij is serieus geweldig!

Jessica was shivering on the doorstep. Her voice echoed through the empty room. Nervously, she looked behind her, staring into the cold darkness of a December night. The ground around the wooden cottage they had rented to spend the holidays in was frozen and covered in snow. Through the leafless trees, she could make out the lights of cars driving across the interstate in the distance. She shivered again and pulled the door shut behind her as she stepped into the cabin. They'd asked their manager for some time off for Christmas and surprisingly he had agreed, renting the nine girls a beautiful cabin in a wooded area not far from Seoul. Tonight, she'd be here alone with Sunny, since the other girls still had their last schedules to go to. They would arrive tomorrow morning.
Jessica had just gone out to get some wood for the fire that warmed the living room to a comfortable temperature. Actually, now that she thought about it, the heat kind of made her feel a little sleepy. It certainly didn't help that the place was lit up by homely candles and a few dusty floor lamps.
She yawned.
'Sunny!' she yelled, wondering where her friend had gone in the few minutes she had been out. Jessica was getting rather anxious, shifting her weight from her right to her left leg rhythmically. The cozy glow of the candles started to feel kind of creepy, and the wind hitting the creaking cabin seemed a grim foreboding of things to come.
'SOONKYU!' Jessica screamed with all her might.

'I'm right here, jeez, you are such a scaredy pants!' a young woman's voice replied from the second floor.
Jessica jumped.
'Oh my God, don't scare me like that!' she yelled accusingly.
'It's not my fault you scare so easily.'
'Ohyeah? Well…why weren't you downstairs?'
'I'm just cleaning my face,' Sunny answered in a cheerful voice.
'You're laughing at me, aren't you!?'
'No, no, of course not' Sunny managed to call back, suppressing a smile. 'Put the firewood away and come up here. Leaving all that stuff on all night is really bad for your skin!'
The idyllic winter surroundings had almost made her forget, but Sunny's words reminded Sica that her face was still covered in heavy make-up too. They had come here straight from their Christmas Hoot performance at Music Bank and hadn't really found the time to clean their faces yet.
'I'll be right up~' Jessica answered, the burden of fear now calmly lifted from her by Sunny's presence.
She gently arranged the wooden blocks in a corner of the room and walked up the stairs.
'BOO!' Sunny jumped from behind a closet, her face half covered in moisturizing cream.
'Uaahh!' Jessica cutely exclaimed, 'I told you not to do that!' She hit Sunny's shoulder in a girly way.
'Sorry unnie, I just couldn't resist.' She put an arm around the clearly shocked Jessica. 'Why are you wound so tight today? You should be relaxing you know!'
The frail girl looked at her with deer-like eyes. 'This place is…really scary if you think about it you kn–' Sunny burst into laughter. Jessica pouted. 'Haha…oh..I'm sorry're totally stealing Yoona's thing with those doughy eyes!'
'Whatever,' Sica said, and she walked into the bathroom to clean her face.

'You're not mad, are you?' Sunny asked as Jessica descended the stairs, her face clean but still looking like that of an angel. At least, that's probably what her fans would say, she thought. She blushed a little.
'No, no, of course I'm not,' she replied, walking towards Sunny, who was sitting on the couch. 'I'm just…well, you know how I get in places like these when it's dark.'
'It's okay. I'm sorry I made fun of you.' And then, 'Do you want to watch this movie with me?'
Sica sat down next to her on the couch. The place didn't feel so scary anymore. It felt…snug.
'What are you watching?'
'30 Days of Night.'
'What's it about?'
Sunny picked up the DVD case and handed it to her.
After a moment, Jessica exploded.
'A horror movie about a snow-covered town that is blanketed in perpetual night for 30 days that gets attacked by vampires!? Soonkyu you are so mean!'
'What? It's a good movie. We can watch something else if you like, but there's a surprising amount of this kind of stuff here.'
Of course. Yuri had been in charge of packing the DVD's, so the selection consisted mostly of action and horror movies.
'Man..I told you we should've let the maknae bring the DVD's, but did you listen? Noooo.'
Sunny smiled.
'Take it up with our 'Black Pearl' tomorrow.' she said teasingly, 'For now, let's just watch this, okay? It's really good and it's not very scary, really.'
'I don't know…' Sica said hesitantly.
'Come on, you don't want Yuri and Hyo making fun of you tomorrow, do you? You'll be alright. I'll crawl into bed with you and keep you safe, okay?'
'Well…if you say so..' Sica conceded.

Sunny was right, Sica thought, this movie is pretty cool and really not that scary. I mean, vampires don't exist anyway so why would I be scared of them, right? I'm not scared of them. Not me. No"?
Her train of thought got cut off because she suddenly felt a hand brushing through her hair. Unconsciously, she had scuttled over even closer to Sunny and tightly gripped her arm.
She was petting her head.
'Don't worry, Josh Hartnett will win in the end,' the girl smiled, 'he always does. Especially when he has a beard.'
What does having a beard have to do with fighting vampires? Sica thought, but she kept her eyes focused on the screen.
The snow-
white town of Barrow, Alaska, was now covered in the red hue of flames lit by the vampires to disguise their involvement from the outside world. In a brutal fight, Eben, Josh Hartnett's character, kills the vampire leader, saving the town and the few surviving inhabitants. In doing so, however, he is made a vampire himself and when the sun finally comes up, he vaporizes in the arms of his lover.
'Oh my God!' Jessica exclaimed while tugging on Sunny's arm, 'How is this even close to 'winning in the end'?'
'Well, you know, one of the women he saved will write a book about the events and reveal the existence of vampires to the entire world, so I guess he kind of won.'
'Yeah, it's in the comics.'
'How do you know that?'
'A fan sent this one to Yuri because he knew she likes that kind of stuff. She lent it to me for the ride here.'
'Well..still…this is a really sad ending. Like..really sad!'
Sunny patted her head again.
'Good thing it's only a movie, huh?'
Sica lay in Sunny's arms for a while, both of them silent, before finally saying with a yawn: 'Hey…how late are the girls coming tomorrow?'
Sunny didn't reply.
Jessica looked up. 'Hey Su–'
She could see Sunny's eyes were closed. Her chest was slowly moving up and down, rocking Sica's head gently.
'And I thought I was supposed to be the sleepy o~' before she could finish her sentence, she fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter I — In the shadow of Christmas

Jessica woke up feeling a bit groggy. It was dark inside the cabin, the candles had burned out and the fire had dwindled away. She lifted her head.
Did I fall asleep? She asked herself as she looked around.
She was starting to remember.
Didn't Sunny also fall asleep? She wondered. Yes..she was positive it was Sunny who had fallen asleep first. But where was she?
She must have gone to the bedroom, Sica thought. It would've been nice if she had just given me a blanket or something though, it's starting to get cold here.
She put the pillows that had fallen from the couch back in place and slowly moved up the stairs, the steps creaking beneath her feet.
There's nothing to be afraid about, Jessica, she told herself. Vampires aren't real so you shouldn't be afraid of them. You're just gonna go up there and get under the blankets with Sunny and when the girls get here tomorrow everything will be alright. So right now you j-
She wasn't able to finish her thought because a loud thud coming from the left at the top of the staircase caused her to snap straight back to reality.
'Kyaaa!!' she heard a voice scream.
More thuds.
Sica's mind was racing. Should I go up? Should I stay here? Do I run away? What if it's Sunny? I can't leave her behind. What if it someone else? Even worse..what if it's something else?
Despite her hesitation, her legs had already started moving further up the stairs and she could almost see around the bend.
Something warm hit her hard in the side and all air escaped from her lungs.
Oh my God, she thought, this is it. This is really it. They are real and they're right here oh my God what do I do!?
'Sica unnie!' a familiar voice screamed in her ear, 'Sica unnie! Help me push this closet in front of that door!'
Sunny violently jerked Jessica up by pulling on one arm, and confused Sica did what she was told to do. Behind the closet, someone was banging on the door with all his might.
'Who…who is in there?' Jessica asked after regaining a bit of composure. 'W..why is he banging on the door like that, what's going on?'
She looked Sunny in the eyes. They were wide, wider than she had ever seen them, and they were full of tears and shock. Sunny was trembling visibly.
'I d…I do..' The words wouldn't come out.
'You don't know?' Sica asked her while soothingly putting her arm around the girl.
'I don't know Sica oh my God it was so scary..'
The thumping continued, then abruptly stopped.
'I don't think we are safe here.'
Jessica thought for a moment.
'Unnie..' she finally said, 'If this is some joke to scare me, I think you're doing a really good job but it's really freaking me out so please stop..' She looked at sunny, who was still trembling uncontrollably, tears running down her cheeks.
'DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A JOKE TO YOU!?' she erupted, 'Does it LOOK like I'm having any fun!?'
She pushed Jessica away from her.
For a minute, they just stood there in the hallway, not saying anything.
'I…I'm sorry, Soonkyu..' Sica sputtered. 'It's just…I can't believe this is know?'
'I know what you mean,' Sunny answered, still in tears, and before she could say any more, Jessica embraced her and she cried her eyes out on her shoulder.

'You's been quite some time since the banging has stopped,' Sica said, breaking the silence that had hung in the air for at least 10 minutes. 'Do you think that whoever it was..has left?'
'It wasn't a person,…I don't even know how to describe it…You know how in these monster movies, you never really get to see the monster? It…it was like a shadow. A shadow with rows and rows of teeth and blood dripping from every single one of them. It was l–'
Suddenly, there was a banging sound coming from the floor below, and then a loud clank.
'That was the front door..wasn't it?' Sica asked pitifully.
A horrible, ear-shattering scream bellowed from the bottom of the staircase, sounding like a gargling crow caught in a death trap.
Sunny had already started pushing the closet that was in front of the door to a position where it would block the stairwell opening and when Sica joined in it didn't take long for it to completely block the hole with a loud bang.
'We should totally get some of these for our dorm,' Sunny joked.
'Sunny..' Sica replied hesitantly, 'now that that closet is gone…what is going to keep them from coming in through that room?'
She flinched as the hallway was suddenly filled with the maddening screech they had heard before and the pounding of what seemed to be dozens of fists on the closet doors.
'You're right.' Sunny said astutely, 'We can't stay here.'
She looked around while Jessica dropped to the floor, panic-struck.
'Sica! Sica! There's an attic! Come on, there's an attic!'
The girl didn't reply. She was rocking back and forth to the beat of the fists hitting the closet, audibly splintering it piece by piece in the process.
'Jessica! Snap out of it!'
Sunny slapped Jessica in the face with the back of her hand.
It didn't seem to do much, but after a few seconds the girl got up in a zombie-like fashion.
Sunny pulled down the retractable ladder that led to the attic and slowly pushed Jessica up the stairs.
'Keep you head clear, Jess, you need to focus on what's going on!' she yelled as the beat of the fists behind her grew louder and louder.
'Hurry up!'
With a bang, the closet finally gave way, showering the hallway in pieces of wood and revealing numerous malformed, almost claw-like hands, scraping the wardrobe in a desperate attempt to get through.
'Dear God Jessica hurry the crap up!!'
Sunny was nervously jumping up and down now, agitated by the time it took Jessica to crawl up the steps. Luckily, she finally reached the attic and not a moment too soon. Sunny sprang up the wobbly ladder and closed the hatch just before one of the dark, oozing claws managed to grab her leg.
Another high-pitched screech penetrated the air.
Sunny looked behind her, and saw Jessica curled up in a corner of the attic.
'Jessica..' she carefully said, 'Jessica…can you hear me?'
Jessica didn't answer.
She just kept rocking back and forth, hands clutching her knees, eyes wide open, shadows playing across her visage.
'Jessica. I need you here right now..'
Sunny started to cry.
She hugged Jessica tightly, her tears soaking her friend's clothes while the relentless shrieking of the shadows below continued on and on.
All of a sudden, she felt a hand softly brushing through her hair.
'Don't worry,' Sica said, 'So Nyuh Shi Dae will win in the end. They always do. Especially when they have beards.'
Sunny couldn't hold back her laughter and hugged Sica even stronger.

Some time later, the screeching stopped. Sica looked out the window. It was snowing outside. They had spent a few hours sitting there, huddled up in the attic, but there was still no sign of the sun rising. And they were still scared.
'Sunny unnie..' she carefully started, 'Do you think maybe..they're gone?&
'I don't know.' Sunny responded truthfully, 'And I don't much care to find out.'
'Neither do I.'
Neither do I…
Slowly but surely, despite the fear that they both felt, the girls fell into a quiet, colorless sleep.

Chapter II — In the shadow of reality

When Jessica awoke, her back hurt in more places than she could count. Her head was in Sunny's lap, and a blanket covered her lower body. She blinked. It was light outside and the sunlight serenely entered the cabin's living room through its many windows. Sica straightened herself, holding her back with one hand while doing so. She stretched her neck.
'Ah, Sica unnie, you're finally awake.' Sunny said joyfully, 'I was wondering how long you were gonna lie there. We should go and make breakfast for the girls; they'll be here any minute now!'
Jessica's head was pounding.
Was all she had just been through just…a dream? More like a nightmare..I guess.
'Hey Sunny do y-'
But Sunny was already in the kitchen, frying some eggs and making toast.
Jessica walked upstairs to splash some water in her face and hopefully put that awful dream from her mind.
The upper floor looked just as it had last evening; no signs of any rampaging monsters or broken closets.
Dear God..I really can't handle scary movies, Sica thought to herself.
She opened the faucet and splashed some water on her face. In the mirror, she thought for a second she could see a shadow running past the door opening behind her, but that couldn't be right..could it?
She dismissed it as the remnants of an inexplicably vivid nightmare and joined Sunny in the kitchen. As soon as she reached the bottom of the stairs, the door of the cabin swung open.

'Heyyy girls, did you miss us?' Sooyoung said cheerfully while tossing her sports bag in a corner of the room.
'Sorry we're late,' Taeyeon said, 'but someone had a nightmare, so she kept us up all night.'
'Don't blame me,' the maknae timidly responded, 'It was really scary to see Sunny unnie and Sica unnie in trouble like that, and it felt really real, too!'
'Of course it did, kid,' Yuri slapped Seohyun on the shoulder, 'You should stop watching scary movies before bed time.'
'I don't watch scary movies..'
'Well..reading scary books then, or whatever you do.'
'Actually, I d-'
Her soft voice was drowned out by Hyoyeon's, who exclaimed with a sigh 'Ahhh, I'm glad it's warm in here, it's been snowing out there for like three days now!'
She slammed down on the couch next to Yoona, who had quietly come in.
'What's for breakfast, darlings?'
Tiffany was already poking around the kitchen, dancing and twirling around Jessica and Sunny as they were finishing making the eggs.
'Ahh, it's so great to finally have some free time!' she said, her words filled with obvious joy, 'I thought this day would never come. We can finally have a nice Christmas together!'
Jessica felt strange. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but something was wrong here, and she didn't feel like finding out what that something was. Once again though, she wrote it off to the after effects of the nightmare that had been bothering her since she woke up.
' something wrong? You're looking kind of pale.' Taeyeon, who had suddenly appeared in front of her, asked.
'She probably had a bad dream,' Sunny cut in, 'We saw 30 Days of Night yesterday.'
'You saw 30 Days of Night?' Yuri suddenly jumped up from the couch and joined the conversation, 'It was good right?'
'Yeah, it was cool.'
'The comic was better, you know.'
'Oh please, you're acting like one of those comic geeks!' Sunny made a silly face and Yuri started tickling her. Jessica just kind of zoned out and saw the scene as if from behind a haze.
'Hey.' a voice penetrated her cloudy vision.
'Are you sure you're alright?'
It was Taeyeon, of course. Their fearless kid leader. She was always worried about the health of the nine girls. In a way, she was like a mother to them.
'I'm not sure,' Sica replied honestly, 'The dream I had kind of shook me up.'
'It'll be okay,' Taeyeon told her, 'Just go sit on the couch with the girls and I'll bring you some tea, okay?'

After a long and very eventful breakfast, the girls decided to go out and check out a small business not far from the cabin.
'I hear you can rent ponies there and you can go for a ride in the snow,' Tiffany said.
'Wahhh, really?' Yuri and Sooyoung reacted enthusiastically, almost at the same time.
'I wanna ride a pony!' Seohyun suddenly exclaimed, way too excited for her age.
Tiffany laughed.
'Let's all go, okay?' Taeyeon said, and then, to Jessica: 'It'll take your mind off of things. The landscape here is really pretty you know. We've seen it on the way here.'
Jessica just nodded absentmindedly.
Stepping outside, the glare of the sun on the white snow hurt her eyes, causing her to blink. As she opens her eyes again, she can feel the coarse wooden floor touching her feet. She's curled up on the floor of the attic, holding Sunny closely. With a deafening roar, the shadows break through the hatch and their hunched over forms pour into the attic while their darkness appears to swallow it whole. When Jessica sees her own reflection in their blood-drenched teeth, all she can think is:

They're not real.

I'm not scared of them.


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Today is a holiday in Korea; the remembrance of the March 1st movement, which marked the beginning of the Korean people standing up to their Japanese oppressors in the early 20th century.

Unfortunately, instead of celebrating this important day in Korea's history, some people use it as an excuse to push their pro-박근혜 agenda. Former president Park Geun-Hye has been incarcerated for months now while on trial on 18 charges, including bribery, coercion, abuse of power and the leakage of government secrets during her ill-fated presidency. In spite of the overwhelming evidence against her, there are still some (almost exclusively senior) citizens who believe she should be reinstated as the legal president of Korea.

In spite of the fact that I don't agree with their politics, seeing everyone singing and waving the 태극기 together did make me feel good, although being one of the only foreigners in a crowd of riled up Koreans also reminded me that I'll never truly be part of their society.
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These are also the first post-LASEK pictures I'm in! It is extremely strange to see myself in pictures without glasses, and I still feel kind of 'naked' when I go out without them, but it's already something I know I'll never regret!
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This was the first time I visited the Line store in Itaewon since I'm not very interested in either Line nor Itaewon, but it was definitely a really cute sight to behold.
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If you're interested in the process of getting vision correction surgery in Korea, check out my latest blog post. There's a link in my bio, or you can Google 'Anonymous of Holland'.
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