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From Nippon, with love (part 2)

So it's been a while since I've posted here. That's because I HAVE A JOB NOW HOLY SHIIIIT. And it pretty much dropkicks me in the face every night at 11 so I haven't really had the time to post anything. But I still really wanted to post this, and today is Friday (Friday Friday!!) so it seems like a good time to do it. Also I'm doing it in English so Chizu can secretly read it too.

So anyway, last week this package arrived on my doorstep:

This was pretty much the most clearly Japanese package I've ever gotten. If it had any more Japanese on it I would've expected it to be a Hong Kong bootleg of a Japanese package.


Inside were two envelopes like the last time and also my present (zomg!)



Yeah, I took my sweet time opening it because I love opening packages so much. And I was especially excited about this one since Chizu had included some presents for my birthday that was last month.



How pretty is this packaging!? I felt so bad opening it up because I knew I could never put it back together since I have two left hands. The key and the tags and the little ribbon were so cute <3



And inside was a lot of awesome stuff, including the cutest birthday card ever.



So first off, there's the nameplate Chizu made for me herself. It says 'Richard', obviously, or, you know, some Japanese curse word because there's no way I could read it anyway. But it looks really cool. The top one is in Hiragana and has a cool 'falling sakura' thing going on, and the bottom one is in Katakana and has little Danbos saying my name :3
Also on this picture: A Japanese Tenugui and chopsticks. The Tenugui is just a rectangular cloth which is apparently used at festivals and stuff as a headband, and also used at home for all sorts of things like a washcloth or a towel. I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to do with it, but I used it as a tablecloth in the coming couple of pictures. The chopsticks were actually really nice, because I've just learned to properly use them and the ones I was using here at my parents' place kind of sucked, so it's good to have these.
Both the Tenugui and the chopsticks have a Japanese Yo-Yo design that's nice and colorful.



Also, and of course the most impressive to a weeaboo such as myself, Chizu got me a Yotsuba&! daily calendar. Yotsuba&! is my favorite manga and the entire calendar is so cute.

Here's some examples:

It also came with a little monthly calendar too that I may or may not use since I already have 2 Korean monthly calendars. Whoops!



So anyway, of course the most important part was the letter, but I'm not gonna show a picture of that because GET YOUR OWN PENPAL YOU LAZY BUMS. But I can show you some of the pictures.

In the top ri
ght there is the gift I sent Chizu with the last letter I sent her. I bought her a super kitschy Delfts-blauw Dutch bracelet, and as I tried it on I was like 'well, it's a bit heavy, so I guess she couldn't wear it often, but it's pretty cool.'
But of course I didn't take in account the fact that Japanese girls tend to have rather thin wrists compared to Dutch hambeasts, so she couldn't even put it on ;_;
But she came up with a solution that's pretty clever:


Considering the awesome gifts she got me this time the bar sure has been raised for my next package though since her birthday is coming up…so I'd better come up with something good.


2 comments on “From Nippon, with love (part 2)

  1. Zinzi
    21 May 2011

    (…en nog wat random tekst omdat het reactieveld niet leeg mag zijn en < en 3 blijkbaar geen tekens zijn!)

  2. Ghislaine
    23 May 2011

    Oh hoe fucking cuuuute! Nu schattige HOllandsche dingen terugsturen!! :D


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