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The Wincher 2

A big giant thank you to all my friends who made it this Saturday, and of course all of you who didn't make it but still participated in getting me one of the most awesome presents ever: you guys rock!

So if you're not one of those people, you're probably wondering what this awesome present is. Well, it's the Collector's Edition of The Witcher 2! Also known as the best Collector's Edition ever (Bioware should've learned from CDProjekt. Look at the shitty Collector's Edition they're throwing out there at the same price!).


So this is the box. It's pretty damn massive, and I have to admit I'm not exactly sure where people store these things. Currently, it's under my bed awaiting my new apartment.





The first thing you see after opening the lid is the 195 page hardcover Artbook.That apparently has a Sarlacc pit on the cover. Or a vagina with teeth.









The book itself is really beautiful, with thick glossy pages depicting various scenes and characters from the game, also including some Behind The Scenes information about what you're seeing.







This letter of insurrection is a replica of the in-game letter and comes with a 'cursed coin'. This replica actually comes with the regular edition of the game as well, which is a really cool extra that you just don't see anymore. Sure, you're never going to use it, but doesn't it look great?







Here's something that raised some eyebrows when it was announced: The Witcher 2 papercraft. Papercraft? Yessir! Little cardboard figures that you can fold yourself. As you can see, I suck at it. Might have to look up some instructions on Youtube. But anyway, it's another fun little extra and the little dolls look so cute! The Collector's Edition comes with three extra sheets that form some kind of giant..wood monster? I haven't gotten around to folding it yet. I mean come on, it's taken me three days to even get this post up.





Next, there's a sheet of stickers that will no doubt dishonor/decorate my new PC…when I buy it. I used to have this fobia of actually using stickers, since OH MY GOD YOU CAN ONLY USE THEM ONCE, but I'm trying to just friggin' do it for once. I put one of the Starcraft 2 stickers I got from Koen on my subwoofer :3 Also on the picture are two exclusive unlockable items that give you massive cheats in-game. Although I'm not exactly sure whether I will use the original version of the game or a pirated one since this is the US version and IT MIGHT NOT INCLUDE TITTIES. And really, without titties, is life even worth living for Geralt of Rivia?




And beneath those piles of awesome are the game (whose box is really awesome by the way, it has a bit of a 3D effect), and the item I was looking forward the most: the Geralt of Rivia bust!





Unfortunately…a lot went wrong with my most anticipated item. It wasn't securely packed into the box, so it was knocked about during shipping and some parts had chipped off. That wasn't so bad, but the black of the box had also rubbed off on the cast of the bust, and when I cleaned it…well…don't even clean fake marble, guys. It's not so obvious on the picture, but the color completely changed and the parts where I had to scrub a little to get the black off are completely smooth now, so it looks incredibly stupid. It's safe to say the bust is ruined, unfortunately ;_; I've mailed CDProjekt about getting a replacement, but I doubt they'll give me one. Perhaps on eBay some day.







Anyway, that isn't all, because inside the game case is the 'regular' edition of the game, which comes with the map shown here, a Making of DVD, a soundtrack CD and two manuals. MANUALS. Now you know why I love giving my money (or, in this case, other people's money :3) to CDProjekt. They're the best developer out there right now.





And just when you thought that was all, there's some more stuff crammed into the bottom of the box! There's a really cool bag with the logo of the game on it with six dice inside of it, a pack of game cards, and a Temerian Coin with King Foltest's head on it. It even comes with a little book written by Dandelion on how to play (and cheat at) cards. All in all this is seriously the most awesome Collector's Edition I have ever seen, and if the game is even half this awesome, it'll be the best RPG of this year.


6 comments on “The Wincher 2

  1. Gemma
    8 June 2011

    Ik ben blij dat je er blij mee bent, en tof om te zien wat ik nu gegeven heb!:D<3

  2. Shaun
    8 June 2011

    That’s so amazing, jesus. How could they cram so much in?

  3. Koen
    9 June 2011

    Zonde van de buste!!

  4. Roy
    10 June 2011

    Tering!! Wat een pakket man. Hele vette edition. Maareh wat kost die nou?

  5. Ghislaine
    10 June 2011

    Lololol echt geniaal dat ik nu weet wat ik gegeven heb:D hehe.

  6. Harry d. Busdriver
    10 June 2011

    Roy, als dit door enige andere studio was gereleased dan CDProjekt RED, dan zou ‘ie waarschijnlijk €120 of meer kosten, maar hij kost maar €78. That is, als je ‘m kan vinden. Wat steeds moeilijker wordt.

    Also ik keek net de developers DVD en er werken precies dezelfde soort nerds als bij alle andere gamebedrijven alleen dan spreken ze Pools =p


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