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South Korea Tour 2011 – The Packing List

So I’ve decided to start my travel blog now because…well…I was extremely bored. Even though Deus Ex: Human Revolution is out. But my Exbawks is broken, so what are you gonna do, right? (Not playing the inferior PC port, that’s for sure!)
Man, when I get to Korea, I’m gonna play Starcraft like a crazy mofo.
Or, actually, you know…lose at Starcraft like a crazy mofo.


For now, let me start this blog off by something EXTREMELY INTERESTING: a packing list!

Korea Tour 2011 Packing List


4x Shampoo (probably can’t get my brand in Korea)
8x Xamiol (lol psoriasis)
4x Ketaconazol (lol psoriasis)
2 x Conditioner
1 x L’Oreal Expert Volume Masque
1 x Wella Hairspray
1 x Comb
1 x Deodorant
1 x Hand creme
2 x Garnier Pure Active Exfo-Brusher
2 x Garnier Pure 3-in-1 Wash Scrub & Mask
1 x Garnier Pure Pore Tightening Astringent
1 x Garnier Light Eye Roller Roll-On

1 x Electric Toothbrush
4 x Sensodyne Proglasur Toothpaste
1 x Wilkinson Sword Quattro Razor (+4 extra blades)
1 x Gründig Beard Trimmer
4 x Hair clips
10 x Hair elastics

4 months worth of ritalin and melatonine (lol ADHD)
1 x Paracetamol
1 x Loperamide
1 x Nestosyl
1 x Duratears (lol dry eyes)
1 x Dampo
1 x Star Balm
1 x Hayfever pills

A bunch of DEET products (dem mosquitoes)
1 x set of band aids
1 x Durex box (hey, you never know, right?)
1 x set of nail clipping stuff
1 x Case for my Glasses
1 x Blowdryer (Shipping over in advance)


Shitload of T-shirts
Shitload of Longsleeves
6 x Pants
1 x Sweater
1 x Zipped Hoodie (Shipped over in advance)
1 x Zipped Longsleeve Thing
2 x Pajama (1 x Pajama Pants)
1 x Swimwear
Shitload of Underwear
14 x Pairs of Socks
1 x Belt
2 x Watches (One cheap one and an expensive one)

1 x Summer Coat
1 x Winter Coat (Shipped over in advance)
1 x Leather Coat
1 x Army Undercoat (Shipped over in advance)
1 x Beanie
2 x Gloves (One pair Leather, One pair Wool)
1 x Raincoat

1x Sneakers
1 x Leather Boots (Shipped over in advance)

Nintendo DS XL (+ flashcard and adapter)
Sony NEX-3 (+ 2 memory cards, 2 batteries and cables)
Mobile Phone (+ cables)
Laptop (+ carrying case and mouse) (Gonna buy a keyboard in Korea)
Samsung External 2.5″ HDD


1 x Army Puckel
1 x Backpack
1x Etui (Pen Case)
1 x Notebook
2 x Books (One bigass W40k Anthology and The King in Yellow)
2 x Guidebooks
Some CDs
Bunch of Handkerchiefs
Dutch food/ingredients
Some Souvenirs

So…did I forget anything? Taking too much? Whaddaya think?



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