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Being Responsible is Hard Work

Just a quick random update because I have some time right now~

My brain is kind of dying at the moment since we worked a lot tonight and I had some makgeolli, but I wanna tell you about something that happened last night when I went to get some groceries after work.
On the way to the store though (Family Mart ftw!) I ran into some of my students in front of the Church. They were just hanging around bullying eachother (Korean kids get quite physical with eachother and they love running around and punching everyone, but they never get angry, it’s kind of strange) so I stopped to have a talk with them. TEACHER RIESJAADU, TEACHER RIESJAADU, BOXING!! (When they say Boxing, basically they mean they want me to punch someone =p)

Then while we were running around, some middleschoolers (age 16+) came out of the Church and they were like “Oh! Sonsaengnim!” The middleschoolers had been quite interested in us for the past few days but because we didn’t have any classes with them, we only saw them during lunch and we had to sit with the children, so they couldn’t get to know us yet. So when they saw me outside I just got a barrage of questions.
“Hello! What is your name? Nice to meet you too!” They were just firing all the English they knew at me.
“Ohhh, you are from Nesserlansu? Guus Hiddink! Orangi!” When I showed them the few eurocents I still had left in my wallet they got so excited! It was cute to see grown guys being so childish over a few cents. “Ohhh Daebak! Daebak!”
They kept telling me how handsome I was, and how much they wanted to have a beard like mine. This was probably the first time anyone had ever told me I was ‘handsome’, lol. It felt a little weird because there were just these 5 guys staring at me and also the 10 kids who still hadn’t left. Actually, one of the moksaengnims made them greet me in the formal way, like all five of them bowing deeply at the same time saying “ANNYEONGHASEYO RIESJAADU SONSAENGNIM!”

When I told them I had to go to the store, they were only too happy to accompany me, especially after I told them I was getting Maekju and Makgeolli.
In Korea, you can’t drink until you’re 20, and you can’t smoke until..well..until you finish highschool. One of the guys was a smoker, so he proudly showed me his one cigarette that had been hidden somewhere in his pants for a day in a “OHYEAHHH I KNOW I’M BADDD” kind of way. So when I told him that in the Netherlands everyone can drink and smoke from 16 and up they literally fell to the floor (this is something really Korean to do, it’s like overreacting to show your surprise). When I told them, they were like “ that case…hyung…can you buy us some beer?”
They’d been pretty cool, so I thought ‘Oh well, why not?’
They hid the beer under their shirt and thanked me like a thousand times.

So within my first week of living in Wando, I already helped minors break the law.
I wonder what the future holds.



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