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It’s Good to Be a Foreigner

When I woke up around 13:00 today, I wasn’t expecting to go outside since it’s still crazy cold and I’m still rather sick, but the American dude at the guesthouse came down to say:
“Fuck, there’s some shit going on in Dongdaemun where we can get some free shit or some shit, let’s go!”

I was like…well..whatever, I might get some free stuff and I’m tired of being in here anyway.
So I tagged along to Dongdaemun, where the opening event to the Korea Grand Sale was taking place. The Korea Grand Sale is a month made specifically to make foreigners feel awesome, as they receive discounts, special gifts and interesting events. For instance, I can go see movies at the theater for free, and will get 30% off the entrance fee to Lotte World when I go next week. There’s also a bunch of discounts for shows and clothing stores and stuff.


But anyway, the opening ceremony was today, but considering it’s like freaking minus 5 degrees outside, there weren’t that many people when we got there. There were some shows going on on a small stage, and next to that was the main event (for us >:3): the prize lottery.
Basically there were 10 prices, ranging from a box of ginseng candy (10th place), to a Korea apron (8th place), to Hotel tickets (2nd place) or a Flight ticket to Jeju Island (1st prize). I stood in line with the guy from America, whose name is John by the way, which might make it easier to write and read this, and when it was our turn, he turns to the Korean girl behind the drawing box and is like:
“Hey, can you like give me that flight to Jeju?”

The girl just turns to an old guy next to her for a second and then looks at us again and says:
“Okay, we’re going to give you first prize, okay, so stay here until 18:30.”

I couldn’t believe how rigged this thing was, but they basically just gave us first place because we were white. Most of the other foreigners there were Thai/Chinese/Japanese and stuff, so I guess most of the white people who showed up got something interesting for their trouble?
I know the Swedish people from our guesthouse also got like a bunch of 2nd and 4th prizes.

So, yeah, that’s how I ended up up here:

But, well, I didn’t really want to go to Jeju (I mean, it’s called ‘the windy island’ and it’s gonna stay cold as fuck for all the time I’m here, plus it’s just the flight and no accommodation there or anything so it’d also be pretty expensive) so I exchanged my prize with a girl I met there who won 2nd and 3rd prize. Staying at a badass hotel and getting a prepaid subway pass sure seemed a lot more useful to me.

Then we also got interviewed and stuff about Korea and what we thought about the event (fucking LOVED it!), and that will be broadcasted on SBS news next Tuesday at 11:30 (AM).
So yeah, it’s good I got out of the guesthouse today :3
But I feel my throat fucking around a bit because I was having too many awesome conversations with John.


By the way…Koreans are fucking mean. When I came home I examined the hotel voucher a little closer and it was for a Hotel in FUCKING GYEONGJU. Which is near Busan. What the fuck ;_; It is a 5 star fancy-as-shit hotel though. So maybe I will go there at some point when I get bored in Seoul~ Still, I should’ve kept the first price and sold that shit. It’s like 250,000 won or something. Woe is me, but at least I still have the 30,000 won KOREA PASS.



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