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Even though I kind of don’t feel like blogging right now, I think I should share the story of yesterday evening while it’s still fresh in my memory.
So, kids, settle down and listen to your uncle 리차드.

Yesterday, I decided to go out looking for a post office to finally send a box of Sheet Masks to my friend Cleo that I had promised to send her like a month ago. Upon arrival though, it seemed like the post office was either closed because it was a saturday, or closed forever. Frustrated (as I’d have to run around all day (although it was already really late, I got out of bed at like 15:00 and didn’t feel like going out until 16:30) with that heavy box in my backpack) I decided to make the best of it and just walk around a little, looking for places to take some decent pictures. I accidentally ended up walking into Book-Off, a Japanese discount store that sells Japanese manga, movies, cd’s and books, where there happened to be an awesome -50% sale on artbooks, anime magazines and other manga/anime related stuff (but not DVDs, unfortunately). My mood quickly brightened as I browsed through all the awesome stuff for hours (Book-Off does that to me, for some reason. Even in Japan I always spent at least one full hour there) and ended up with a decent pile of stuff, which I then cut down to half because I couldn’t possibly bring all that stuff with me in my suitcase, not even if I did leave behind all my clothes.
I ended up buying this:


It’s a Hare Nochi Guu Fanbook, some crazy-ass book about the World Cup, a Limited Edition of Spawn #10 (IN JAPANESE!), X-Men: Extinction Agenda (IN JAPANESE!) and a DVD of Voices of a Distant Star (By Matoko Shinkai, IN JAPANESE! WITH ONLY KOREAN SUBTITLES!) Oh, and I bought another copy of Megami Magazine because it had some Ichigo Mashimaro posters and it was only 1,000 won.
Total Cost: ₩ 15,000 (about €10)

So anyway, by the time I came out of there I was kind of hungry, and I still had to walk all the way back to Hongdae because GaHui told me there was a restaurant there where I could eat MY NOW OFFICIALLY FAVORITE FOOD OF ALL FOODS: 제육덮밥! Buuuut halfway through my way to Hongdae I gave up; it was too cold and I’d have to walk at least 15 minutes away from my guesthouse and then back again if I wanted to eat at that restaurant. So I decided to save myself the frostbite and just eat in Sinchon. And I just so happened to be walking past a Chinese restaurant that had a giant banner with ₩5,500!!! on it. And seeing a “CHEAP FOOD!!” sign is pretty much all I need to step in somewhere.
Unfortunately, although the CHEAP FOOD!! banner had a bunch of pictures on it, the menu did not, so I was at a loss to order anything. Even though I could probably slowly make my way through the menu to find something that sounded vaguely familiar, I did what I usually do, which is go back to speaking nothing but English and waving my arms around like an idiot.

Luckily, there were some other guests in the restaurant, and one of them shot to my aid.
After he ordered from me, he asked if I’d like to sit with him and his colleagues, who were all from the Music Academy. Most of them were vocalists in indie bands, one guy was on the Korean Idol; KPop Star, and the guy who invited me turned out to be their producer, who had produced many other less-well-known bands before. I was really surprised by this weird-ass turn of events, of course, but decided to just go with the flow for once in my life, so when they asked if I wanted to drink with them, I didn’t turn the offer down.
Now, you should know I am well known all over Korea for my awesome drinking ability, and that night was no exception. Koreans really respect people who can down a few bottles of soju, and they were surprised I knew about the Korean drinking etiquette (which was, coincidentally, one of the first things I read up on before I came to Korea because I was planning to do a lot of drinking).
The producer told me one of the bands would rerecord some vocals this evening, and asked if I wanted to come with them to the recording studio.
“Hell yes, sir!”

So that’s how I ended up in a recording studio with someone who just got kicked out of Kpop star when there were only 15 contestants left and whose banners I’ve passed a few times on my way to Sinchon (Check him out here and here), a girl who’ll be on TvN’s Super Diva soon, three indie bands (some guys were already at the studio) and the record producer guy. The most awesome of the vocalists signed a cd for me, and I could watch him and another guy record the vocals for their new single. It was kind of surreal, really, that I ended up there just because I couldn’t order Chinese food..
Anyway, on to the pictures, right?









And some videos:

After the recording, I had some more soju with the producer and singer Kang Joo Won (Some of his covers are on jewtube), before I headed home, very pleased about my day.



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