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Interweb Reviews: Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

When I finished Mass Effect 3 for the first time, I didn’t really feel an urgent need to bitch about the ending online like so many other people did, but now that I’ve finished the Extended Cut DLC you can be damn sure there’s a lot to bitch about!

I’ll just start with the whole reason I’m writing this: this ‘new ending’ is even worse than the original! I had been reading positive responses and discussion about it on the internet, but I wonder now if all of those people were either paid by Bioware or just fucking stoned because there’s no way this is an improvement over the original.

Yes, there are some things they did right; the short scene with your love interest at the beam was done well and even though it only served to cater to the fans who were complaining about your love interest being on board of the Normandy at the end of the game EVEN THOUGH YOU NEVER SAW THEM GET ON OMIGAWD WORST PLOTHOLE EVER!!!! it still fit into the pacing quite well and was a nice bit of character work like we expect from Bioware. The few extra scenes after the ending and Hackett’s speech also helped to give a bit more closure, which is nice.

However, unfortunately Bioware couldn’t just stop at this; they had to please all the entitled little faghats that were crying and bitching online about how their game didn’t end in the way they wanted and as a result made a convoluted mess out of an ending that wasn’t a masterpiece of storytelling in the first place. First of all, the Starchild now basically rambles on and on to address every single complaint you’ve seen online in the past months one at a time, taking all the fluidity out of the conversation and on top of that shoving WAY too much information down your throat that was perfectly well implied in the original ending. I know the modern generation of gamers are used to mindless shit like Call of Duty or Madden, but do you really need to explain every single little thing two or three times so none of those manchildren can complain they didn’t get it online? All that exposé just hurt the mysteriousness of the Crucible, and was basically just a repeat of everything that had been said earlier anyway. To add insult to injury (oh, sorry, I mean, ‘to address the concerns of the fanbase (which is not at all a bunch of retards!)’) they completely stripped the ending of all impact. Because of the LOTS OF SPECULATION about what would happen if people chose destroy, in which all technology would disappear, they nerfed the shit out of that decision. −Yeah basically it destroys all technology but yeah pretty much only the reapers, some robots and that’s about it because otherwise OMG THE FANS.−? What? Seriously? In the original I chose for the destroy ending, but it was a difficult decision because it was assumed all starships would stop working, mass relays would be destroyed, all technology would be rendered useless and it would change the future forever. Now, the Starchild actually says −But it won’t take the survivors long to recover.−? GEE THAT SURE FEELS LIKE AN EPIC DECISION BREH. The other choices are also completely nonsensical after the huge amount of bulshitting the kid does about them, so in the end you don’t even feel like you really changed anything. Great job fans, I hope you got what you needed!

Aside from that GIANT FUCKING TERRIBLE FAULT, there’s some smaller ones, such as the slideshow after the ending being of mediocre quality and Hackett’s speech being written a little half-assedly. There’s also STILL no individual character stories even though it would’ve been easy as hell like how they did it in Baldur’s Gate 2 (you know, when they still knew how to make good games).

So…why the fuck did I wait two months for this?

On a related note: of course having a bad ending turned even worse by some free DLC doesn’t make Mass Effect a bad game series. Actually, Mass Effect 3 is without a doubt one of the best games I’ve played in the past 5 years, and my number one favorite fictional universe ever created (that means it’s better than Star Wars, yes, I said it). And because fanboys gonna fanboy…wel…let’s just say eBay had just what I needed…



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