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Blogs are for Blogging



You know, the original purpose of this blog was to keep people I know updated on my (admittedly not very interesting) daily life.
This blog was started before the advent of Facebook, you know, so we didn’t have all those fancy schmancy ways of telling everyone what you’re thinking of constantly throughout the day. Back then, I’d make a blogpost about playing a new game, seeing a movie I really liked or going on a day trip somewhere. Nowadays, I just take a picture, add a line of text and throw it on Facebook and some people will read it and like it or maybe even comment. Used to be that when I posted something, there were a bunch of comments from people who read it and agreed with it, or disagreed with it, or wanted to know more or just wanted to talk a little about something completely different, and that was pretty cool. These days, I have to look through my statistics to even remind myself that someone’s reading the posts, let alone actually having any comments to reply to. It kinda makes me sad, when I think about it. In this Facebook and Twitter culture, is there no more room for discussions on blogs? Or is it just that my blog has kinda died since no one’s really reading it anymore?

Either way, today I decided I’m going to go back to the roots with this blog and actually….blog.
I’m gonna tell you something about what’s going on with me nowadays, without any pictures and without any funny commentary.
Why would you care? I dunno. Probably I wouldn’t, if I were you. But I miss that old blog feeling.


Funnily enough, I don’t actually have much to write about.
Since I came back from my Eurotrip with my wonderful girlfriend and took a one month holiday to play a bunch of video games, I’ve pretty much been doing the same thing for 4 months straight. That ‘same thing’ being playing what few video games come out, complaining about them on 4chan, reading kickstarter updates on Project: Eternity and Torment: Tides of Numenera, watching a movie every now and then but generally just wasting away slowly wondering where the hell my hours are going even though I’m free 24/7. That, and looking for jobs, of course.

The job market is a complete and giant bitch right now, presumably due to the economic crisis but possibly also because it always has been. I’ve been lucky before, finding decent-wage work within a few weeks, but the universe has been slapping me on the butt the past few months in so far even that I’ve applied for social security. I’ve basically burned through my savings that I still had left after the trip (thank God for that, by the way, because the plan was kind of to spend almost all of it then) so there’s nothing else I can do at this point except apply for it and keep hoping some of the people I send applications to will be like “Yeah, this kid sounds alright.”
I’m lucky that I’m allowed to just live here with my parents since I probably would be living on the street by now if I hadn’t, but it’s definitely not the life I envisioned for myself when I graduated from Law School.

It’s all for a worthy cause though, of course. I need to make money so I can go to Korea and finally do what I really want. Or…well…go to Korea and get caught up in a million new and different problems. Either way, it’s better than just sitting here going through the motions.
I think about my possible life in Korea quite often, and it depresses me a little to notice that it feels further and further away with every rejection letter that arrives in my inbox, but it’s still the thing that keeps me getting out of bed every day. Well, the biggest reason for that is my girlfriend of course, but I don’t want to go on a lovey-dovey rant about her right now. The thing is, I’m just waiting out my time here, and it really feels like that too. Sure, when a new game is released the tedium of being unoccupied day in day out is kind of negated for a few days, but after that it’s back to “Where the hell did my day go?” after deciding to do X or Y that day but never actually getting around to it.

So, yeah, that’s what’s going on in my life nowadays. I’m sure I managed to make it sound worse than it actually is though, it’s certainly not all bad. I actually have the time to play anything, see anything and read anything I want. I have the time to do a big project (even though I can’t get myself to work on it more than once every few days because ???) or to start learning Korean if I actually put myself to it. If only the drive of a man with limited time would come back I think I could be doing some pretty cool shit.
But as for now, all I’m doing is complaining on the internet and wondering where my days have gone.


You know, I didn’t really mean for this post to be so negative.. Maybe that’s why people stop actually blogging about their lives after they reach adulthood? It’s all complaints and would-have-beens and hopefully-would-bes.. Probably I should just stick to posting about stuff I care about. Actually while whining here I was already thinking about how I’d rather be writing about the Torment Kickstarter or people’s obsession with Kpop. Yeah, maybe in the future I’ll try to write some more ‘feature’ stories instead of just reviews and recommendations. Let’s see if I can.


One comment on “Blogs are for Blogging

  1. Gemma
    12 April 2013

    Hoera blog!! :)


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