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Flats, flats, flats!

Not that long ago, I ran into a project on Kickstarter called ‘Hi-Fi Color For Comics‘. As I read the description, I started to feel more and more like this was exactly what I’d been searching for since..well..maybe 10 years ago? Ever since I started considering digitally working on my drawings, I’ve been having problems with getting them into Photoshop, fixing up the lineart and, more importantly, coloring them decently without it looking like it was done in MSpaint. This book basically promised to teach me everything I’ve ever wanted to know, so I backed the shit out of it.

Of course, being Kickstarter, this wasn’t like ordering a book somewhere. It still has to be made, and it won’t be finished until the end of this year. That’s a long time to wait! Especially when reading about that book and looking around online for tutorials got your fingers itching to use your newly acquired Intuos4 Wireless to do more than just sit around. So, even though I couldn’t have my book yet, I decided to take a little peek into comic coloring land, and I thought I’d show you the results.
Keep in mind though that I’m literally talking about like 4 weeks here, it’s not like I learned all that much.

I started off learning about flats, and why they are important, from here.
Here’s the main result of that lesson, flats for a page of The Walking Dead.
They were easy to do since Charlie Adlard uses lots and lots of ink so there’s not a whole lot to apply flats to.



Next up was a slightly more refined kind of coloring, in the form of Kiyohiko Azuma’s Yotsuba (the best manga ever created). I didn’t dare to touch one of his famously detailed pages yet, but this page was definitely more of a challenge than the Walking Dead one.

Yotsuba Pumpkin


I’d been shying away from doing actual colors because, as I said, I haven’t actually learned how to do them yet. I mean I have this kind of crappy way I’m used to doing them and I can obviously do them slightly better now that I have better hardware’s not really something that I’m proud of.
However, I just wanted to test how much difference using flats would make and it’s never bad to have some ‘before’ images for after I get started with the book, so I decided to flat and color some of my old drawings. It was difficult enough getting them on screen because I had stupidly drawn them on lined paper (and not the good kind with blue lines either), but they ended up looking okay I think.



Irenicus Color ProcessIrenicus Colors

.Anya Colors

AnyaAnya Color ProcessAnya Colors


Surprisingly, I’m really having a lot of fun doing this even though doing flats and coloring is a lot of precise work. It’s fun to feel your skills with the tablet improving and to give life to the things you or someone else has drawn. I’ll definitely keep doing this, so don’t be surprised if some more pictures pop up over here in the future.



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