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What’s got two thumbs and is going to study in Korea for 3 years?

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I signed up for the Korean Government Scholarship Program at the start of this year after working on my application form for a few months on and off. This scholarship is a pretty big deal as they pay your travel costs, costs of living and -most importantly- your tuition fee. But that is of course only if you actually get through the selection process. That process was no joke, and every round (there were three, spread out over 5 months) was nerve wrecking. From meticulously writing up the documents containing my motivation, future plans and study plan, to having a talk at the Korean Embassy in The Hague, to being called up by the universities themselves to assess what I had written; every month of 2014 so far has been one of uncertainty and doubt. I honestly had never expected to get this scholarship in my first try, because as I said it’s a pretty big thing and thousands of people apply for it every year, but it looks like my sincerity has shown through my words because not only my second choice (Inha University) but also my number one choice (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) have accepted me into their ranks!

Thus, starting at the end of August, I will be studying Private Law (민법) at HUFS. Well, first, for one year, I will be studying Korean fulltime, each and every day, so I can get to a level where I can actually even read the law books. But after that, I’ll be studying Law for two years at HUFS. It’s not gonna be easy, and the university’s expectations are probably pretty high, and I’ll probably be living in a dorm with like four other dudes, but I’m going to do my damn best so I can take the first steps towards my future in Korea.

I hope you guys will accompany me in spirit =]


4 comments on “What’s got two thumbs and is going to study in Korea for 3 years?

  1. Zinzi
    8 July 2014

    Als bewijs dat ik je blog heb gelezen bij dezen een comment. :p Waarom privaatrecht? Ga je internationaalrechterlijk advies geven aan bedrijven?

    • Anon Of Holland
      8 July 2014

      Haha, bedankt voor het openbaren van jezelf!
      To be honest heb ik eigenlijk gewoon voor privaatrecht gekozen omdat ik dat interessant vind..zoals je weet ben ik niet zo van het internationaal recht. Ik weet niet eens of ik wel iets met rechten ga/wil doen in Korea in de toekomst. Het gaat er me op dit moment meer om dat ik daar wat heb om mezelf mee te verkopen I guess? Mijn leven is een stuk minder uitgestippeld geworden dan het vroeger was -.-‘

  2. Marcel Luijten
    19 August 2014

    Ik hoef niet zonodig iets te bewijzen, but I am folowing you. That’s something you can be sure of.
    Greetings, Dad.

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