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FIFA World Cup 2014

The World Cup is over, and what a time it was!

To be completely honest, I wouldn’t mind if they just kept playing for another month.

But, unfortunately, all awesome things have to come to an end and we have a lot to look back on.

Instead of posting my boring musings though, I’m going to let the images I saved from /sp/ do the talking. Like with every major worldwide event, there were plenty of awesome, witty and hilarious pictures out there that you might’ve missed.

Firstly, as is tradition, Japan has blessed us with anime versions of all the teams again:


1404229032146 1404228472522 1404227348547 44168405

We were also lucky to receive some more Japanese support this time compared to the last WC, and we’ve got these to show for it:

1404300327344 1405195049461 1405247849516 1404852102411 1404849286802

For some reason, our elftal ended up being a freaking meme machine this tournament.

First off we had our opening match against our 2010 World Cup Final rivals Spain. Most of the Netherlands expected a huge blowout..but not in our favor. As a Dutchman with a huge grudge towards Spain over that lost final and over the years of bandwagoning that followed, beating them with 5 to 1 and being able to call them 5PA1N is something I am forever grateful for.

1402693073754 1402692885013  1403067443528 1402697084970

5painful 1403117189574 1403541967725 1402698660836 1403170727888 1402701973785 1403232826638 1402699596237


Van Persie’s amazing goal in our opening match landed him the nickname “The Flying Dutchman” and a bunch of awesome shoops:



1402693728985 1402694430423 1402694723157 1402694624999 1402696889162 1402695180114

Arjen Robben (who clearly showed he’s easily the best player the Netherlands has right now if he’s in shape) had his fair share of fame as well.

His recognizable style of play that somehow no defender was able to hold off was rewarded with the nickname “Le cut inside man”:

1404394016079 1404049029366 1402698190382 1403560592238 1404585381044 1404096765598


He also left a bad taste in the mouth of many butthurt Mexicans, with #noerapenal becoming one of the most recognizable tags of this World Cup.


no-era-penal-memes_3 no-era-penal-memes_28 no-era-penal-memes_16 1405186567780 1405147661947

“Ja, maar ze liggen er uit.”

1404066791209 1404310894668

Bruno Martins Indi also turned some heads with his awesome facial expressions:

1405294727643 Ayy lmao Indi 1403031990858


For a country as small as us, it is a true miracle that we have been relevant at the top level of international football for as long as we have.

Even this year, with a team that many people in our own country never expected to advance out of the group stages, the same team that was utterly humiliated at the European Cup just two years ago, we showed the world that this small country is a force to reckon with. We didn’t make it to the finals, but we got revenge on Spain, beat Brazil into a pulp and left this tournament undefeated. Thank you Orange Lions, thank you van Gaal and thank you based Cut Inside Man.

1403161323063 14049473672641405296045686



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