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What to pack when you’re moving to Korea

I know, I know, this isn’t the first post on the internet about this subject, and it almost certainly won’t be the best.
So why do I still write it?
Because I kind of want people like me to have a place to read everything they need to know.
Even though my travel blog has and probably always will be lacking, I do want to try to help people who are or will be in the same situation I am in right now. I’ve had some very gracious help from fellow Dutch blogger in Korea Missing Cheese, and I’ve gathered together a bunch of stuff from a bunch of websites, but I thought it would be pretty cool if there was just a place where I could read about what exactly it takes to move abroad when you’re Dutch. Then again, I will probably be too lazy to really talk about all of it but whatever this intro is already way too long.


So anyway, here’s the #1 top tip of the millennium:



And I don’t mean one week in advance, I mean like at least a month in advance. Pack your suitcases for as far as you can, buy the stuff you think you won’t be able to live without, see if there’s anything else you need, see how full your suitcases are and make sure you take care of things. It’s especially important to start taking care of things early. You do not want to get stuck having to call the Tax Office one day before you leave and find out you still have to send in a form or something like that. Just take care of your shit. It’s not gonna be fun, but you’re gonna have to do it anyway, so don’t postpone it.

I started taking care of stuff maybe two months ago, and now I’m sitting here typing this post out one day before I’m leaving because I totally have the time for it! I uh…hope..
It takes a lot of stress off of your shoulders and you will thank yourself for starting early.


If I have deceived you, I didn’t mean to, but that was actually the only tip I’m going to give. I’d love tov write a 10 page essay about packing your bag here, but I have to admit I don’t actually hae that much time.

I’m not going to skip straight to my packing list though because I’d like to explain some things about what I’m bringing:

1. Firstly, you’re gonna want to bring stuff you use a lot at home and you can’t do without. For me, those things are Nestosyl, Dampo and Proglasur toothpaste. Sure, there will probably be alternatives for them in Korea, but I have no idea if there are and I’d rather be sure I have some with me.

2. If you’re an average sized Dutch person, you might want to consider bringing a buttload of clothes. Koreans, in general, are smaller than us both in size and in width, so you might get stuck shopping for appalling American ghetto hoodies in Itaewon if you don’t bring enough clothes. In this case I’d say it’s better to be safe than sorry. I’m fairly certain there will probably be some stuff to buy in my size online (I’m an L over here, but an XXXL in Korea) but the choice will definitely be limited and prices might be higher too. Same goes for shoes by the way as I’ve heard, though I’ll probably make a post about that later since I will want to buy some running shoes when I get there. I don’t want to misinform you or anything so I’ll see for myself!

3. Bring deodorant! I know, “Why man, can’t I just buy that over there?” Yes, you can, but you will pay about four times the regular price because Koreans don’t use it and price it up for the Waygooks. Personally I’ve brought 4 cans and those should last me quite a while. I have made it one of my missions to find out why/how Koreans don’t use deodorant (because most websites just write it off as “they don’t really smell, I guess?”), so I’ll be sure to check back in on you on that.

4. If you’re bringing medication that is prohibited like I am, be sure to have a note (een ‘Engelstalige Medische Verklaring’) from your doctor validated by Farmatec and probably the Ministry of Health so you won’t get into any trouble at the border. When I went to Japan, they were very interested in my bag full of ritalin and they said that usually they don’t allow that much of it into the country but since I got that stuff signed for by the Ministry of Health they felt like it would probably be okay.

So then, without even more ado, here’s my actual packing list. Compared to last time, this one seems a bit more realistic, doesn’t it?

Important Documents and Necessities

University contact info KGSP Documents Cash
Contact info for bank Credit and ATM cards USB with scanned documents
Day backpack Driver’s license E-tickets
Guidebook(s) Home University Documents Insurance information
Medical and vaccination records Wallet Passport, visa(s) and photocopies


Personal Items and Hygiene
(Put a piece of plastic between the cap and the thingy to prevent leakage)

Toiletry bag Toothpaste (x6) Earplugs
Eyemask Deodorant (x4) Shampoo (x1)
Nestosyl (2x) Dampo (2x) Tiger balm
Toothbrush (electric) Toothbrush Heads (3-6x) Hairbrush and comb
Wash Cloth (2x) Hair dryer Towel (Big) (1x)
Nail clipper set Razor + heads (1x) Electric Razor
Glasses case Microfiber cloths Garnier face wash


Clothing and Accessories

Pants (10) (+ 2 short pants) Belt (x2) Shoes (2x) (+ sports shoes)
Underwear (10) Socks (like 20x) T-shirts (I didn’t count them but LOTS)
Gloves (leather + fabric) Summer Jacket Winter Jacket (Really Thick)
Long underwear Warm hat Warm Scarf
Pajamas (2x) Zip Hoodies (x4) Sweaters (x4)
Swimsuit Watch Longsleeves (maybe 10x)
Shoulder bag Cap Undershirts (x2)


Medications and Health

Prescription Medicine Condoms Bandaids
Loperamide Paracetemol Hayfever Tablets



Sony NEX (+accessories) Samsung Camera (+accessories) Phone + charger + leftover screenprotectors + Anker battery
External Speaker USB Flash Drives (x2) Memory cards (x4)
Laptop and accessories iPod (2x) + cables Tablet + stand and cable
e-Reader Headphones (Yuin+Koss) Nintendo DSi XL + cable
External HDD (4TB WDRed) Intuos4 Pro Xbox controller + receiver + Batteries and charger



Umbrella CCCP Drinking Flask Flashlight



Pencil case with pens and pencils Notebook(s) Hobby Book(s)
Plastic Bag Physical Memories Bedsheets
Cardgame(s) Teeth Protector for boxing DVD with Windows and important software


P.S. If you’re wondering about the availability of something you can’t live without in Korea, just leave a comment and I’ll try to answer as best I can.



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