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Life in the Keimyung Dorm

Is anyone interested in how I’m living now that I’m in Korea!?
I certainly hope so because I just made this whole video to show you the dormitory I live in!

I also took some pictures for those far too busy to waste their precious hours watching silly Youtube videos!


~Welcome to 계명대학교 Dormitory Village~ The dormitory in the picture is actually one of the girls dorms – it’s the view from my window. There’s four 10 floor dormitories and several (I think maybe four?) smaller ones, housing a buttload of students.


The halls of my dorm (미듬동, for the curious ones amongst you) are filled with the fragrances of drying laundry and the cold air of a hall without heating.

This is my room, 927호. I'll show you what how I'm living here.

This is my room, 927호.
I’ll show you how I’m living here.

The rooms aren't particularly large, but they're also not too small. There's a desk, a small closet and a bed for every inhabitant. Everything is this terrible fake wooden color and it all looks very...temporary... It doesn't really feel like home which kinda sucks, but it's comfortable enough once you don't have to share it with someone else anymore.

The rooms aren’t particularly large, but they’re also not too small. There’s a desk, a small closet and a bed for every inhabitant. Everything is this terrible fake wooden color and it all looks very…temporary… It doesn’t really feel like home which kinda sucks, but it’s comfortable enough once you don’t have to share it with someone else anymore.


The rooms all have internet access, of course, though it’s a far cry from what you’d expect from the ‘most connected country in the world’. The wired internet can be pretty fast when it wants to be, but generally the speeds (especially for the wifi) are nothing to write home about. It is great to have internet without having to pay extra for it though, and after I installed my own wireless router things definitely improved.


The beds, in true Korean style, are about as hard as the floor. I bought a sort of cover with little pads in it though so it isn’t that bad. Because the window blinds are paper thin I’m using the few towels I have to build a blanket fort to block the sun. It was really necessary when I just moved in, but now that it’s winter it’s becoming less and less necessary. It’s still good for the weekends though.


I’m separating my trash like a 좋은 사람 because if you don’t, the old lady who LITERALLY GOES THROUGH EVERY SINGLE ITEM OF YOUR TRASH SO SHE CAN SEPARATE IT PROPERLY AND MAKE A COUPLE OF CENTS IN THE PROCESS has a lot of extra work and I feel really bad for people who have those jobs so I try to make it as easy as possible for them…

Outside my room, in the hallway, there's a shared 'bathroom area'. In this picture you can see the laundry machine and the sinks on the side of it. The laundry machine is pretty new, but like most Korean machines for some reason it washes with cold water so it doesn't really get rid of any stains. You just dump a few coins in there (usually about 400-500원, like 30-40 eurocents) and you're good to go.

Outside my room, in the hallway, there’s a shared ‘bathroom area’. In this picture you can see the laundry machine and the sinks on the side of it. The laundry machine is pretty new, but like most Korean machines for some reason it washes with cold water so it doesn’t really get rid of any stains. You just dump a few coins in there (usually about 400-500원, like 30-40 eurocents) and you’re good to go.


Here’s our…lovely…shower room. That only has warm water between certain times… And kinda smells like puke every morning… I don’t think I can come up with anything more positive to say..

Also, our shared toilets are...well... They..uh...are.

Also, our shared toilets are…well…
They..uh…simply are.

So there it is, my home away from home.
I guess 커피명가 is my home away from my home away from home then huh…

Anyway, I have so much more stuff to show you guys but so, so precious little time to sit down and type so please bear with me while I try to find time to post all this stuff!

P.s. First snow fell on the 1st of December..kind of poetic, huh?


5 comments on “Life in the Keimyung Dorm

  1. Ilovepicture
    13 December 2014

    hiii fellow dutch person!

    I also wish to study in South Korea and was wondering if you had any tips and tricks to how you made this reality? I’ve been searching sites for hours, and there doesn’t seem to be a company around in the Netherlands that can help with studying in Korea, so I was wondering how you did it and all… Well yeah, please mail me, if you could help me, even just a little, i’d be really grateful.


    (i don’t even know why i wrote this in English… well, anyways XD)

    • Anon Of Holland
      15 December 2014

      I think it might be nice to cover this in English since there might be other people wondering the same thing you are, so thanks for that.

      As for my ‘tips and tricks’…there aren’t any really, apart from keeping your eyes open..
      At first I also ran into the same problem you have; it is very hard to find an ‘in’ in Korea as a Dutch person. Then a friend of mine pointed me towards the KGSP – Korean Government Scholarship Program, run by the Korean Government and NIIED. You can find their website with all the information here. It’s a wonderful program. They’ll basically pay all your tuition and take care of the biggest hassles for you for 3 or even 4 whole years. The competition is obviously pretty fierce though, so if you do decide to go for this option you’d really have to show them your will and desire to study here. They definitely prefer people with a strong plan for their studies and high interest in Korean culture and language.

      That’s the program I’m in now, but I’m sure there’s other similar programs like it out there. I’m not aware of any though, since I focused 100% on pursuing this one. Contacting the Korean embassy in the Netherlands might yield some results, though I have found them to be kind of unhelpful in many ways in the past.

      Dus ik wens je veel succes, en als je nog vragen hebt, feel free to e-mail me :3
      Wel zou ik graag toevoegen dat voor zo’n lange tijd hier heen komen een behoorlijk grote stap is. Er zijn veel dingen die behoorlijk tegenvallen hier vergeleken met ons comfortabele Nederland, dus het is misschien geen slecht idee om eerst een maand of 3-4 op vakantie te gaan of een vrijwilligersproject te doen om te zien of Korea wel echt is wat je ervan verwacht. If so, dan kun je met wat extra ervaring onder je riem jezelf inschrijven voor een scholarship.

      • Ilovepicture
        15 December 2014

        alzovast superbedankt voor je snelle antwoord en je nuttige info!
        Ik heb wel nog een vraagje, dat scholarship, is dat ook voor nederland voor een undergraduate? (ik weet niet of je al graduate doet of undergraduate, dus sorry als dit overkomt als een stomme vraag XD). Ik ben namelijk nu een 6de klasser van het gymnasium en ik wil mn bachelor graag in Korea doen, maar er staat dat je van specifieke landen moet zijn, maar er staat geen lijst bij…
        Ik kan zeker aantonen iniedergeval dat ik zeer veel interesse heb in Korea (pws en meer doe ik allemaal over Korea enzo).

        Wat betreft het feit dat het een grote stap is, dat weet ik. Ik wil dit al sinds klas 2 en heb het ondertussen al bijna 5 jaar aan moeten horen dat ik gestoord ben dat ik naar Zuid-Korea wil…
        Verder, zou ik wel willen vragen, of je zou willen vertellen wat je dan toch tegenvalt in Zuid-Korea, want ik moet toegeven, dat mijn beeld misschien iets te rooskleurig is (alhoewel ik niet zomaar meer van gedachten zal veranderen over mijn keuze om daar te studeren).

  2. Fathi
    26 June 2015

    Based on your experience, is the 900,000 WON enough to get by through the month after paying for dormitory. Really appreciate your efforts.

    • Anon Of Holland
      29 June 2015

      Hi Fathi,

      900,000 won is plen-ty of money when you live in the dorm. Actually, I’m living on my own right now on that amount of money. It’s tight, I have to admit, but while living in the dorm I had so much money to spend every month. Basically you’re spending 300,000 for your room AND your food, so there’s 600,000 to spend on better food whenever you want and anything else. It’s easily doable.


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For people living in a big city like this, it's important to #slowdown and not get caught and lose yourself in the flow of things. Life in the #countryside and in a #temple is so different, so much more #empty, but so much more fulfilling.

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Another gorgeous #sunset at #Mihwangsa #temple.
I am so thankful to #SBS and 혜민스님 for letting us stay here.
Just like the title of his book, there are many things you can only see when you #slow down. Staying at the temple and talking with the staff has taught me once again that Korea is an amazing country, and I couldn't be happier to be here. 
#nofilter #Korea #SouthKorea #island #traditional #tranquility #nature #wood #meditation Everything is more beautiful in #Jeollanamdo, even a #sunset.

#nature #Korea #SouthKorea #sea #island #절라도 #절라남도 #바다 #섬 #자연 #일몰 Away from the hectic Seoul life for a couple of days, enjoying clean #Jeollanamdo air and the #calm of the #Mihwangsa #temple.

#Buddhism #Buddhist #Zen #Relaxation #Balance #Nature #Korea #SouthKorea #미황사 #절라도 #절라남도 #절 #평화 #불교
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