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Meet the 파워방랑자!

Okay, so, I’m not so sure where to start on this one…
So I’ll just start at the beginning.

About two months ago, some dude was posting on the Keimyung Facebook group about ‘Special Missions to visit Daegu’s most memorable places’. The post was incredibly obscure, just mentioning that ‘Two times a month there will be a special mission’ and something about a blog, so I was like “Dude what’s up with this?” which was answered by the incredibly illuminating ‘The special mission? You can sign up until next week.’

I decided to just ignore it since I couldn’t make sense of it, but about a week later a friend of mine told me that maybe I should give it a chance since he heard basically it would be writing about Daegu on your blog and posting about twice a month. That sounded pretty good to me, because even though I’ve been in Daegu for almost 8 months now, I still haven’t seen much other than ‘downtown’ and ’emart’. So I thought “Why the hell not?” and signed up.

Some time went by, and I got an e-mail requesting me to go to Daegu City Hall for the ‘opening event’ which was mandatory for everyone who signed up to attend. I expected maybe 10 people huddled up into a little office / someone’s basement, so I didn’t think too much of it, but when I actually got there I was proven very, very wrong.

I was ushered into the main reception room of City Hall, where several dozen people were sitting in fancy looking huge wooden chairs, all of them with a nametag in front of them. Above the stage at the end of the room was a giant banner welcoming the new “Daegu Tourism Office Bloggers” and it wasn’t long until the mayor of Daegu himself showed up to thank all of us for our enthusiasm and handed us over an awesome looking certificate of participation proudly bearing the city’s name on the front.

I now have 500 Namecards with my spam e-mail address '' printed on them. ... Great

I now have 500 Namecards with my spam e-mail address ‘’ printed on them.



The entire presentation about what was to be expected of us was in Korean (probably formal Korean too) so I could barely understand anything, but what I did get was that everything was so not like what I’d expected. I thought they’d send me somewhere, give me some money to go there, I post about it on my blog, send them the link, and rinse and repeat, but it turned out the first six months would actually be group activities in groups of 7 (consisting of 2 foreigners and 5 Koreans) where we’d have to pick our excursions ourselves, fund them ourselves, send them an article every week and if they post one we’d get 50,000 won to use on future outings.

To be honest, at first I wasn’t looking forward too much to the whole group thing. I had kinda planned on using this as an excuse to go on free dates with my girlfriend and have the city pay for it, and I wasn’t too sure about committing to one outing every week especially since I barely have any free time to start with. However, after an admittedly awkward beginning, I can now say I’m really glad I signed up for this odd program, and I’m looking forward to learning more about Daegu in the next 4 months.

Anyway, our first order of business was to write a team introduction, which you can find here.
Since most of you probably don’t read Korean, I’ll give you a short breakdown of our team!

PabangOur team name is “파워방랑자”. We came to that after futily trying to think of a name over a cup of coffee for quite some time, when Andrea by some detour came to ask what ‘wanderer’ was in Korean, that word being ‘방랑자’ (bangrangja) which I in turn thought sounded a lot like ‘레인저’ (raeinjuh) as in 파워레인저 (Power Rangers) and thus our amazing team name was born.

 파방의 블랙 - 혜정 [Hye-Jung]

파방의 블랙 – 혜정

Hye-Jung is our fearless leader, planner, international relations manager and undisputed photography model.
Since me and Andrea can’t speak or understand Korean all that well, and the other team members aren’t that great at English, Hye-Jung has taken up the ungrateful task of acting as a liaison and guide to the 바보 외국인 (dumb foreigners). On top of that, she also takes care of most of the planning and keeps everyone organized. How she can manage all this and still be so laid back and awesome we can only guess.

파방의 레드 - 이지수 [Ji-Soo]

파방의 레드 – 지수

Ji-Soo, at a cutesy-wutesy 18 years old, is our 막내 photographer. In spite of her age, she has no trouble speaking her mind to her 외국인 오빠 and in spite of her limited English skill she still manages to make fun of me even in English. Although I don’t know too much about her yet, we have a few outings coming up together so I’m sure I’ll get to know more (if I brush up on my Korean by then).

 파방의 오렌지 - 리차드 [Richard]

파방의 오렌지 – 리차드

Richard is basically the heart and soul of the team; always ready, always working hard and always awesome.
Seriously though, it’s a bit weird to write about myself so I’ll roughly translate what Ji-Soo wrote about me:
Wacky and witty vitamin of the team: Pabang Orange!
Real name: Richard Luijten
Role: Photographer
Affiliation: Keimyung University Korean Language Department
Hobbies: Reading comics, Watching Movies, Playing games and Watching Chinese Cartoons (but definitely not an Otaku!)
Specialty: Korean reactions (괜찮아 (it’s okay) 어떡해? (what do I/we do?) 헐! (omg)), outstanding language skills (BUT, except for Korean)

The Dutchman who came to Korea not even 6 months ago.

He is a native speaker of Dutch, of course, but speaking also German, English, Latin, French and so on he is a language genious! (I just gotta add here that I did in fact not make this up, it actually says this on the website. Please no one call me out on forgetting like 90% of my Latin and most of my French as well)

But his still clumsy Korean is a fatal weak point?? However, he is picking up Korean at a terrific speed.
(Pretty soon we’ll be able to talk together in Korean, Richard?)

Approaching everything with positive thinking and unique gestures (?) and with a charm that makes everything enjoyable (once again: I did not make this up!) he always makes Pabang energetic.

He likes meat a lot x 100, especially chimaek (the godly combination of Korean fried chicken and beer) and by approaching the taking of pictures seriously he is our wonderful hedonistic (I dunno how to put’s like ‘knows how to have a good time’) photographer. He as a girlfriend.

(And yes, that last bit is just as weird in Korean as it is in English!)

 파방의 그린 - 안드레아 [Andrea]

파방의 그린 – 안드레아

Andrea, from Colombia, is the other foreigner in our group filling the diversity quota. It just so happens that she’s also a KGSP student, like me, and she’s studying at Keimyung as well. It’s good to not be the only one struggling to understand what’s going on half the time (if that was the case I’d feel even more guilty towards Hye-Jung) and since we live near each other we often end up just going to places together.

 파방의 블루 - 용완 [Yong-Wan]

파방의 핑크 – 용완

Yong-Wan also studies at Keimyung, and like us he’s also studying a language. However the language he’s studying is…Russian…which doesn’t help much in communication. Nevertheless, he tries hard and since we seem to have quite a bit in common (he’s not an otaku either) it’s fun to hang out with him. Next month we’ve got an individual mission together, so you can bet we’re gonna write the nerdiest article the Daegu blog has ever seen!

 파방의 화이트 - 유정 [Yoo-Yung]

파방의 화이트 – 유정

Yoo-Jung is actually studying Tourism and is totally into traveling, so I’m expecting great things from being in her group. Although communication is a bit hard sometimes, it was easy to learn she is a kind and thoughtful girl excited to show us her city. I’m looking forward to visiting a bunch of new places with her and getting to know Daegu and her better.

 파방 옐로 - 민지 [Min-Ji]

파방 옐로 – 민지

Minji, our final member, mostly stands out to me because of the thing I was actually planning to write about today – our ‘MT’ weekend last week. However, since I already wasted 3 hours writing this, I don’t think I’ll be able to squeeze everything else in, so a summary will have to do. Last weekend, we went on a one night two days trip around Daegu with all the Daegu Tourism Blog supporters. In good old fashioned Korean tradition the night of course consisted of nothing but food and drinking games, an it’s during this that I made fond memories of this cute member. Being the 외국 that I am, it’s not that easy for me to remember Korean names, let alone during a game that requires you to blurt out a name within a second’s notice (more on that in a later post) but for some reason Minji’s name just stuck easily, making her my go-to victim in those kind of games. Thankfully, she took it like a sport and it’s a show of her great character that she didn’t try to screw me over in return.
She seems pretty reserved most of the time, but is actually really open and helpful.

So, what started as me wanting to write a quick introduction to what was going on with this ‘Daegu Tourism Thing’ to segue into the awesome weekend we had last week, ended up being this 3 hour thing that left me with no time to write about what I actually wanted to write…
Hopefully you’ll let me off for that and enjoy this instead.

Next time (hopefully soon!) I’ll tell you all something about Korean drinking games, and after that (I guess I’ll need like…a full day for it?) I’ll try to write down my account of all the things we saw and did on the MT last weekend.


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These are also the first post-LASEK pictures I'm in! It is extremely strange to see myself in pictures without glasses, and I still feel kind of 'naked' when I go out without them, but it's already something I know I'll never regret!
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This was the first time I visited the Line store in Itaewon since I'm not very interested in either Line nor Itaewon, but it was definitely a really cute sight to behold.
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If you're interested in the process of getting vision correction surgery in Korea, check out my latest blog post. There's a link in my bio, or you can Google 'Anonymous of Holland'.
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