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Comic World Busan, a photo impression

This weekend I finally went through with my plan to go to Comic World in Busan, a city about an hour and a half away from Daegu. I’d visited Comic World before, 3 years ago in Seoul, and it was a really great experience so I was so hyped that I woke up at 6, got on the 7:45 train and arrived at BEXCO early in the morning, ony to be met with this giant horde of people waiting to buy tickets. “Wow, Comic World Busan must be even more popular than the one in Seoul” I thought to myself.


But alas, the real reason why there was such a throng of people waiting outside was because there were only two measly ticket booths.


When I entered, I realized the ticket booths weren’t the only thing lacking compared to Comic World in Seoul – the venue wasn’t even half the size of the one there and after only 2 hours I had already done everything I thought I’d spend all day on, which was a bit of a shame.


However, the main goal of Comic World is after all to sell hand made stuff to nerds, and there were quite a few cute things to find such as these Corgivengers and the cute Avenger Time cards I ended up buying.


So although all in all the convention itself was rather disappointing, I was still glad that I could get some of that wonderful nerd feeling again as I got sweat on by squealing high school girls looking to pick up the latest release of their boys love circle drawing books about some basketball anime that hasn’t been on air in decades. Plus, the real stars of the show are always the cosplayers, and luckily they weren’t absent even in Busan.


There were quite a few simple costumes, like this cute Ika Musume (오징어 소녀 in Korean) who even made her own cute little shrimp to bite into.


But there were also plenty of more elaborate costumes, like this guy who dressed up as Baymax and was cutely wobbling through the hall.


And, thankfully, there were also more than a handful of really hot girls dressing up as really hot girls. Thank you Korea!


Most of the costumes (and, unfortunately, merchandise) was from anime I had never seen, so I didn’t recognize that many characters. I’m just glad that even though Bleach and Naruto are also immensely popular here at least no one dressed up as characters from those.


The rules for weapons here seem to be quite a bit more lax than in the Netherlands too, which is cool because you get guns that are barely distinguishable from the real thing and swords that can actually be taken out of their scabbards.


This girl looked so beautifully pale that even though I didn’t know what anime she was supposed to be from I still snapped a pic.


Right after which I ran into this guy, 치느님. He is the personification of how awesome Korean fried chicken is. You could almost say it’s….GODLY!?


Also good to see that people are still cosplaying as Sakura. This person wasn’t even the only one, there was a whole group of people wearing Sakura’s school uniform. Also that huge yellow thing in the back was someone cosplaying as a bag of honey butter chips. It’s uh…kind of a cultural phenomenon over here..


I saw that fat guy with the Sonic mask first thing when I arrived and I thought “Yes…this will be a good day.”


I feel like whatever comment I can make on this will be able to be construed as sexist so…”DAYUM GURL”


I’m glad someone used this awesome statue as a backdrop for some pictures. You know, when I was in Seoul I didn’t feel self conscious about asking people to take pictures at all, but now that I know a bit more Korean I suddenly became a bit embarrassed to just walk up to someone and ask them. I think it probably didn’t help that this event was a bit smaller so there weren’t as many photographers there either.. And most cosplayers were just hanging out in the gardens around BEXCO enjoying the sun.


I’m thinking I should steal this idea for the next time I go to Comic World. It’s such a simple but effective cosplay.


This guy wins the day for me though. As usual I have no idea where he’s from, but the costume looks amazing. The best thing about any convention is usually the costumes, and I’m really glad I got to see so many great and creative ones in Busan as well.


At the end of the day, there was a Cosplay show event, and as usual it consisted of cringeworthily poor stories and ‘acting’ and half assed fightscenes that weren’t timed with the taped audio but…I have to admit it’s a lot easier to stomach when it’s in Korean and not in Dutch or English.


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I had a great time working with #SBS on their new program #내방안내서 in the beautiful #Mihwangsa #temple. I'm sure that @zazimusic has made @haemin_sunim proud with their song based on his book, #멈추면비로소보이는것들.
며칠동안 #미황사 에서 시간을 보내는 게 큰 인상을 주었고 만난 사람들 너무 친절하게 챙겨서 감사하는 말 밖에 못 한다.
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For people living in a big city like this, it's important to #slowdown and not get caught and lose yourself in the flow of things. Life in the #countryside and in a #temple is so different, so much more #empty, but so much more fulfilling.

#Korea #SouthKorea #Mihwangsa #color #peace #reflection #religion #Buddhism #Buddha #tranquility #traditional #절 #평화 #불교 #해남 #108배 #전통 #역사 #생각 #자성 #내이야기 #미황사 에서 사흘밖에 안 보냈는데, 그래도 #생각 을 많이 바뀌었다. #성찰 하면서 내 한국 생활도 생각하고 한국 사람들의 #촌 을 생각하면서 왜 한국이랑 사랑에 빠졌는지 다시 깨달았어요. 한국에서 사는 것이 선물이니까.. 잘 살아야지.

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Another gorgeous #sunset at #Mihwangsa #temple.
I am so thankful to #SBS and 혜민스님 for letting us stay here.
Just like the title of his book, there are many things you can only see when you #slow down. Staying at the temple and talking with the staff has taught me once again that Korea is an amazing country, and I couldn't be happier to be here. 
#nofilter #Korea #SouthKorea #island #traditional #tranquility #nature #wood #meditation Everything is more beautiful in #Jeollanamdo, even a #sunset.

#nature #Korea #SouthKorea #sea #island #절라도 #절라남도 #바다 #섬 #자연 #일몰 Away from the hectic Seoul life for a couple of days, enjoying clean #Jeollanamdo air and the #calm of the #Mihwangsa #temple.

#Buddhism #Buddhist #Zen #Relaxation #Balance #Nature #Korea #SouthKorea #미황사 #절라도 #절라남도 #절 #평화 #불교
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