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Stuff is still happening on a daily basis

Hi everyone,

it has sure been a while since I’ve updated you all on my adventures here in Korea, and to be honest the longer I postponed writing something here the more difficult it became to actually start, so today I decided to just sit my ass down, turn off my phone and type this thing up.

As I’m typing this, there’s a truck driving around on the street behind my apartment complex shouting some stuff I can’t quite make out but probably implying I should run out to buy some eggs/chickens/squid/vegetables from the back of this guy’s truck and those are the kind of things I kind of want to tell you all about. You know, the weird stuff that I’ve come to take for granted by now but would’ve made me raise my eyebrows through the roof the first time I came here. But because I’ve been thinking of several such things I want to share with you (I have an article on Korean drinking games, Korean proverbs and daily life in the pipeline) I haven’t been able to get around to actually writing anything at all, so for today I’ll just take you through my past month and see what kind of interesting (?) stories I can share with you all. So, without further ado, let’s get started before I get distracted again!



Firstly, shortly before my last blog post me and this handsome and extremely mature Canadian here had visited a Power Rangers Live Show.

Go Go Turbonerds

[That doesn’t look awkward at all!]

You might be wondering:
1. What this is
2. Why two adults would visit something like this
The answer to the first question is perhaps easier than that to the second.. The Power Rangers Live Show was this kind of thing you sometimes see in anime where heroes from Japanese TV shows ‘come to life’ and fight the bad guys in real life on a stage somewhere. The reason why me and Gary ended up being the only two adults there not holding their children’s hand…well..I figured this would probably be the only chance I’d ever have at seeing something like this since Power Rangers aren’t very popular anymore back in the Netherlands and this whole live show thing seemed like such an Asian thing I’d be hard pressed to find it anywhere else in the world, know..they look really cool..
So we paid our 25,000 won and enjoyed some pretty decently choreographed fight scenes and EVEN TOOK A PICTURE WITH THE BLUE RANGER. Oh yeah~ While dozens of kids were asking for his handshake I was like “우리는 사진 좀 짂을 수 있어요?” and in spite of Gary’s Parkinsons I ended up with the picture below. Another funny thing that happened was that at some point in the show the bad guys appear from the doors behind the audience and make their way down through the seating area. All well and good of course, but the guy that came down our aisle probably didn’t expect two fully grown waygooks sitting there with giant grins on their faces because we could pretty much see him staring at us from behind his mask as he was doing his little ‘whoo I’m a bad guy’ dance in front of us. Sometimes being a foreigner is so much fun.

You can check out the videos I took here and here if you’re curious.

[Dancing Power Rangers: totally worth ALL the monies?]


[I cropped out the kids that I handshakeblocked]




For my Tourism Agency duties last month I took a City Bus Tour, discovering a few more interesting places in Daegu in the process. I have to admit Daegu isn’t as exciting as Seoul or Busan when it comes to sightseeing, but it definitely beats Made en omgeving and the plus of living in a city with a ‘mere’ 2.5 million inhabitants (compared to Seoul with 10+ million) is that you actually get to breathe both on the subway and near auto ways. I’ll try to put up a post showing some of the pictures I’ve taken of Daegu pretty soon because I want to keep this post about the things that I’ve done the past month, but there’s definitely a few good shots that I’ve taken during both this trip and the day trip I undertook with a Dutch girl that I’ve met also studying here at Keimyung. I think we had a day off due to some random holiday that I knew nothing about and we decided to have a little Dutch outing, seeing some more of the places I didn’t have time to visit well while on the City Tour and showing Maaike (that’s her name) some Korean culture at the same time. We ended up getting lost, of course, and, maybe less of course, ended up being guided back to where we started by a group of finely dressed Korean businessmen who for some reason decided to walk us around in a giant circle for about 30 minutes before taking their leave, all the while talking amongst themselves not knowing I could understand parts of it as they talked about that they’d never dare to ask a random person on the street for help if they were in a foreign country and asked each other if some of the facts they heard about the Netherlands were actually correct enough to share with us. Days like that really make life here fun and so different from back home, so I wish I could do stuff like that a bit more often from now on.

[Even in South-Korea you can't escape the tipping of fedoras]

[Even in South-Korea you can’t escape the tipping of fedoras]

[The doctor is in]

[The doctor is in]

[One of the traditional style markets we visited]

[One of the traditional style markets we visited]

[I had my face drawn at a festival downtown as well]

[I had my face drawn at a festival downtown as well. Isn’t it sooo cute?]




One of the places I visited during the City Tour, Chicken Road, I actually ended up visiting again in a rather different situation.
The first time I went there, it was to try the Chicken Gizzard that that street is famous for (mom, you would absolutely hate this stuff so if you ever do come here let’s visit!) for an article for the Tourism Agency.

[Sometimes, if you just poke through the smog and heat, Daegu is just so pretty]

[Sometimes, if you just poke through the smog and heat, Daegu is just so pretty]

The second time I went there…well…



Was to film a commercial for that exact street!
The Daegu metropolitan government wanted to promote this street to foreigners, so they asked me to bring some friends and in return for our hard work we’d get free chicken and beer. Obviously that wasn’t a difficult choice to make and I dragged along Maaike from the Netherlands, Farah from Jordan, Francesca from Italy and Gary from Canada so I wouldn’t be too embarrassed. Actually, I didn’t expect we’d actually be filming anything, as at first I understood that we’d merely be taking pictures. When they asked me to actually be interviewed and even ‘act’ (in a very Beauty and the Geek ‘Dude pretend this tastes super amazing! Dude pretend you are super surprised!’ way) I felt rather awkward and kind of questioned why I even agreed to do this, but obviously in the end we had a great time so it was worth the embarrassment.

[Customers and owners inside the shop were standing in front of their windows looking and waving at us as we pretended not to be super embarrassed]

[Customers and owners inside the shop were standing in front of their windows looking and waving at us as we pretended not to be super embarrassed]

[People must've thought we were some sort of celebrities, being followed by a full camera crew and photographer]

[People must’ve thought we were some sort of celebrities, being followed by a full camera crew and photographer]

At first, they interviewed us about this street, our first impressions (what do you even answer to that? It’s a street!) and if we’d ever had chicken gizzard before, and later she explained a bit of the history of the street (there’s 28 restaurants there selling the exact same thing! Korean business model at its finest) as we made our way to the restaurant where we’d film the ‘climax’ of the video, which happened to be the exact same restaurant where I’d previously had eaten with our Tourism Agency outing.

[Luckily the 'act like you're stuffing your face with free chicken' part of it was not very difficult]

[Luckily the ‘act like you’re stuffing your face with free chicken’ part of it was not very difficult]

There, we had to do some more awkward acting, like asking what 반반 means (it means half half, half seasoned half regular) while tilting our head to the camera (seriously. We had to do that. And it took like 5 takes before someone didn’t fuck up) and showing our reaction when the owner put down the plates. It was all extremely unnatural and weird, with the cherry on top being Gary’s excellent ‘I don’t really want to be here’ answer when the host asked him a bit about the food, but in the end they were satisfied and we were left with unlimited free 찜닭, soju and beer.
Naturally that didn’t exactly end well, but that’s a story for…never.
When the video comes out, I promise I’ll show you even if it’s the most embarrassing thing since Beauty & the Geek.



We also had our second School Trip early in May, this time to the nearby seaside city of Busan. Busan is a beautiful city with lots of things to see, do and eat, so we were expecting a lot. Unfortunately the 10/10 Goddess that took over as ‘handler’ of the KGSP students clearly didn’t have the planning skills the previous guy had, because we ended up visiting a temple (which was nice actually) and a beach for a few hours before being dropped off back home in time for dinner. Pretty disappointing, especially considering the School Trips are a great opportunity for us to all hang out together without having to worry about money. Last trip was pretty freaking awesome, so it’s kinda regrettable this one was so lackluster. Regardless, any time I get to spend with my schoolmates is time well spent. I’m gonna miss these guys a lot when they all disperse all over the country in two months after they finish the Language Course here.

[Waygook Bus! Waygook Bus!]

[Waygook Bus! Waygook Bus!]

[ I'm gonna miss these kids ;_; ]

[ I’m gonna miss these kids ;_; ]

[You have no idea how tempted I've been to take pictures of these Buddhist crosses and uploading them to facebook to start some shit]

[You have no idea how tempted I’ve been to take pictures of these Buddhist crosses and uploading them to facebook to start some shit]




This month not all that much has happened, apart from some school stuff. This semester I was taught by the best teacher I’ve had so far. The way she explains stuff is so clear and easy to understand that I’m often surprised that that’s all there is to it and she actually understands her students and doesn’t keep pushing them, but does keep engaging us. We even had to do presentations about our own languages and even though I absolutely hate presentations (especially in Korean) I plodded through it and managed to get something out there that I didn’t have to feel bad about. Unfortunately, the school is obsessed with TOPIK results, so starting this monday I will be separated from the rest of my class to study nothing but TOPIK every day for 4 hours. That’s gonna suck ass and will probably kill the last bit of will I have left to actually study, but let’s see where it goes I guess.



MERS has also been a pretty big thing these days, and I have to admit that although I wasn’t too worried about it at the beginning it’s kind of starting to worry me now. Cases of infection keep spreading and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything to be done about it. The school is flaring the paranoia by hanging up signs that claim “This hall is being disinfected three times a day” even though we damn well know that won’t do a thing (plus the floors are seriously just as dirty as they were before, so I doubt they’re even doing anything at all) and putting free hand gel in every hallway, reminding everyone that shit is getting real. I don’t have a TV so I don’t know much about what’s going on, but I do know that Daegu has had several infections now, though none of them were near where I live. It seems that as long as you stay away from hospitals you should be okay, plus as far as I know I’m not actually part of the group that is at risk, so let’s just hope everything will turn out alright. Korea isn’t a third world country so I’m hoping they’ll get this under control sooner rather than later.



Finally, I’d like to close with a picture I took at the Daegu Flower Festival this month.
See you all later, and I’m sorry I can’t/won’t/don’t post more often!

[Flowers. Not every hardcore, but kinda pretty?]

[Flowers. Not every hardcore, but kinda pretty?]


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There's a reason I haven't been posting much lately, and that reason is that it's thesis season in Korea right now. As a Master student in his last semester, I am very much feeling the pressure! I wrapped up the data collection for my thesis about a week ago, and the entire thing should be finished and submitted in...three days from now. So basically, all I've been doing for the past few weeks has been sitting in front of my computer, looking at data, listening to smooth jazz playlists on youtube and praying I somehow manage to get all of this stuff together in time to graduate. Let's hope I'll get a chance to shoot more interesting things than just this picture of some flowers I found on my 3AM life-contemplating walk very soon. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ══════════════════════ #Korea #SouthKorea #Seoul #Seoul_Korea #Thesis #thesisdefense #writing #homework #graduation #HUFS #TESOL #Education #university #flowers #midnight #night #painting #studentlife #한국외국어대학교 #한국외대 #외대 #논문 #논문발표 #논문준비 #연구 #졸업 #꽃 #학생생활
This weekend the 156th Seoul Comic World was hosted in SETEC in Gangnam. Comic World is a little like the Japanese Comiket: a large event where individual artists or art circles are given the chance to show off and hopefully sell their work to a huge community of anime and manga fans. Unlike Comiket though, Comic World is hosted at least once a month, either in Seoul or in Busan. And tickets are only ₩5000! One of the greatest things about this event is how all the goods are so cheap. Cards usually go for ₩800 or ₩1,000; posters for ₩3,000; key chains for ₩5,000 and you can even get little plastic cutouts of characters you can put on your desk for about ₩15,000. The other greatest thing are the cosplayers: people who worked for weeks or months on a costume to show off their love for a certain character. Unfortunately, the bad weather yesterday meant there weren't many opportunities for taking pictures, but when the weather's good you'd be in for a treat! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ══════════════════════ #Seoul #Korea #SouthKorea #Seoul_Korea #ComicWorld #SeoulComicWorld #Anime #Manga #Comics #Deadpool #Spiderman #Ash #EvilDead #Cosplay #Marvel #Avengers #Pokemon #서울코믹월드 #코믹월드 #아니메 #만화 #코믹 #데드풀 #스파이더맨 #애시 #이블데드 #코스플레이 #마블 #어벤져스 #포케몬
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